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Restoring Sanity? Jon Stewart’s Producer Punches 9/11 Truther

Just weeks before “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart told a large crowd of fans gathered in Washington, DC for his “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” to be more civil to one another, the cable comedian’s executive producer, Rory Albanese, allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with heckler outside one of Stewart’s book tour stops in September.

After the victim, 9/11 truther Matt Meyer of, interrupted Stewart’s event inside a Manhattan Barnes & Noble bookstore, he waited outside for Stewart. But before Stewart emerged, some members of his staff met Meyer outside and a heated argument ensued.

Warning: Video contains VERY graphic language.

Though the video is edited from only one side’s perspective, Gawker has posted a copy of Albanese’s police record from the event showing a charge for misdemeanor assault.

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