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Ronald Reagan Son Claims President had Alzheimers Disease While in Office

ronald reaganRONALD Reagan had Alzheimer’s while he was president — his son has claimed.

Although Ronald’s doctors had always insisted that he only developed the illness after leaving office in 1989, Ron Reagan Junior says that he saw signs of Alzheimer’s while his father was president.

He says that he saw the first hints of the disease during his father’s re-election campaign in 1984.

Reagan told the country in 1994 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

In an interview with ABC publicizing a book celebrating the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth, Ron Junior said, “There was just something that was off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.”

He said he noticed during a visit to the White House day that his father was reading from note cards as he made telephone calls.

“It wasn’t like ‘oh my God, he doesn’t remember he’s president’,” he said.

“It was just — I had an inkling something was going on.”

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