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Stephen Colbert's Megaphone Made of Cash

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Political talk isn’t cheap, so he’s setting up a special political committee that will let him raise unlimited gobs of money from corporations, unions and individuals.

When he files the paperwork later Friday at the Federal Election Commission, he’ll also ask for a media exemption that will let him talk about the fundraising on his show, “The Colbert Report,” without violating campaign finance laws.

Colbert, who poses as an ultraconservative on the Comedy Central show, said in March that he was forming a political committee. But that kind of committee has stricter rules both on fundraising and how he could mention it on TV.

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What bothers me about the Stephen Colbert Super PAC is that people are already contributing money to the cause even thought they have no idea what they are supporting. At this point I am not sure Stephen Colbert himself really knows who he is backing. Obviously The PAC will reflect the views of the now infamous "Colbert Bump", but who knows what that will be and if they will want to support that down the line?


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