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Take The Glenn Beck Personal Revolution E4 Solution 7 Wonders Challenge

A Personal Revolution

We were all born at this time, living in this moment, each with our own set of unique talents and skills, all for a reason. And that reason is...

Do YOU Know the Answer?

"I will no longer look to others for leadership or answers, we're out of time. I will lead. Me and my family. And I will teach my family and myself to be independent, honorable, educated, self-reliant, and charitable. And with firm reliance on the protection of divine providence I choose to refound this amazing nation by rediscovering it within myself and sharing it with in the circle of my own influence. The principles and the ethics that defined American exceptional-ism when we rediscover them as individuals we will be exceptional again." ~ Glenn Beck

The E4 Solution
(a.k.a. The Four E's)

E1 Enlightenment - God - "I Am That I Am" - Miracles, Faith, Divine Providence
E2 Education - How we got here. The strife, turmoil, risks and rewards. The adventure of growth and discovery through the jungles of life.
E3 Empowerment - I AM! Yes I Can!
E4 Entrepreneurship - A brighter future, always changing, but always brighter.

The Choice YOU Must Make
(a.k.a. Your Challenge or Chart Your Course)

YOU Must Find Out What YOU as an Individual REALLY BELIEVE. YOU Must CHALLENGE What YOU Think You Know. YOU Must Dig Deep to Find Out What YOU are Really CAPABLE OF and COMMIT to Becoming the Person YOU Were Meant to Be, Not the Person YOU Have Allowed Yourself to Become.

YOU have to put the ANSWERS into ACTION, YOU have to PLAN for it. The ANSWERS lie in the phrase "YES I CAN"! YOU have to worry a little less about what everyone else is doing and change the country by changing YOURSELF.

Declare your choice and follow it through. Live within the system but don't allow yourself to be destroyed by it, because somebody in the end will have to put it back together. That somebody will be YOU, that somebody will be ME. It is time to start living the answer. Find the truth within you and put it in to action.  

 "Know what is true, and stick to the truth." ~ Glenn Beck

The Seven Steps
(a.k.a. The 7 Wonders)

1. Courage
2. Faith
3. Truth
4. Compassion
5. Friendship
6. Family
7. Common Sense

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