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The Occupy Pittsburgh Movement Begins #OccupyPgh

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Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh ProtestThe Occupy Pittsburgh
Movement Begins
Day of Action
Saturday, October 15, 2011  

Beginning Rally 11:00 am Freedom Corner
March from Freedom Corner to Market Square: 11:45 am
Movement Kickoff Rally 1:30 - 3 PM Market Square
Occupation of Pittsburgh begins 4 pm (Mellon Green, Grant St. & Sixth Ave.)

It looks as if #OccupyPgh has finally obtained their permit to have their protest in the Most Livable City in the US. Unlike the other protests springing up around the globe the Pittsburgh demonstration appears to have no intention of lasting more then the one day. Also it is noteworthy to recognize that the organizers of this event have waited lawfully and patiently to obtain a permit from the city as to not violate any codes or conditions. Even knowing this I am concerned for the element that this type of movement might attract, but at the same time I feel safer for the people attending the Pittsburgh event than I do the chaotic messes occurring at places, like; Occupy Wall Street ( #OWS ), Stop the Machine Create a New World ( #OccupyDC ), Occupy Portland, Occupy Boston ( #OccupyBoston ), Occupy Tulsa, Occupy Philadelphia ( #OccupyPhilly ), and many more!

Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh ProtestI have screamed, yelled, begged, and informed many people of the dangers they face in attending this type of fake protest generated as a false flag to further a political agenda of which the protesters themselves most likely would not support. It seems that many of the protesters are just so young and/or uneducated that they just don't realize that they are being used. I feel such pity for thes poor people who just don't understand what is going on. If you choose to actively discourage your friends and family from attending the Pittsburgh Protest, or any of these events across the world, please keep in mind that it is not the fault of your family and friends. These organizers are brainwashing them. They are well funded, prepared, and organized. It is as if they have started a cult and you are trying to keep your loved ones safe from it's grip! Avoid blaming your loved ones or calling them bad names. Show your friends and family love because in the end it will be their choice to go or stay and when and if they do wake up you want them to feel safe coming back home to you.

Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh ProtestI would suggest to those of you who see through the craziness of these occupations that you stop watching the mainstream news. I know that seems crazy, but the stories you are going to get are silly and uninformed. I don't know about you, but if I hear someone compare these socialist/communist/anarchists to the Tea Party one more time I am going to be ill. Allow me to let you in on a little secret before I get a 1000 angry e-mails and comments, despite the conservative view I often express in my blogs; I am a Registered Democrat, I am not a member of the Tea Party (although I support many of their views), I listen to and love both conservative (i.e. Glenn Beck, Shepard Smith, Judge Napolitano, Alex Jones, and Greg Gutfeld) and liberal (i.e. Bill Maher, Kieth Olbermann, Joy Behar, and Montel Williams) "news" personalities, I use entitlement programs (because I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis MS), and I have debt. By the rules set forth by the representatives speaking for Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) to the mainstream media machines I should be out protesting on the streets along with the rest of the lemmings. I think not! If you want to know what is really going on I would turn to blogs that you trust (i.e. DJ6ual, GBTV, Infowars), stories from people who are actually present at the events themselves (always good to hear a story from all sides), and Social Networking seeing as this is the source that seems to get the best real-time updates (however these are not always the most accurate so use caution!).

The following are the demands as presented by the New York City General Assembly, the governing body of the OccupyWallStreet occupation at Liberty Square in New York.  It will give you an idea as to what the movement is about, but these demands have not been adopted by OccupyPittsburgh, nor have they said anything to lead us to expect them to adopt them as their own, in full, other than posting them on their webpage.  They say they are currently preparing their own demands, statement of purpose, and other organizational documents which will reflect the autonomous nature of OccupyPittsburgh, and the particular problems which face the region.

Occupy Wall Street Days of RageAlthough Occupy Pgh is, at least for now, only planning a one day event they have posted the demands of the original movements flagship Occupy Wall St. (#TakeWallStreet). I have noticed that the majority of fractions do this in an attempt to convey a message of solidarity. Thus far they have only succeeded in showing unorganized chaos and non-clarity. Please do not let this fool you! This is part of the plan. They want to appear spontaneous, unorganized, and pure when in reality they have been planning this for a very long time, they are very heavily funded, and they have an extremly corrupt agenda.

They draw people to their protests by sympathizing with their frustrations. They appeal to the non-political, poor, and depressed by assuring them they are not alone. They claim that their individual pain and injustice is in actuality a mass injustice and make these vulnerable souls promises that they have no intentions of fulfilling. They insist that they will stand in unity beside all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world and yet they neglect to mention that they are corporations themselves. Then to top it off they convince these confused brainwashed people to "collapse the system", try and "replace capitalism", and/or "devalue the dollar". They manipulate them into believing #Revolution will be the only solution. Obviously these people do not understand what a Revolution really is.

The Occupy Movements really have a "List of Complaints" more than a "List of Demands". Even so they are shared by the majority and commonly posted on the webpages popping up all over the net. The cost of these websites are staggering, let alone the labor costs of putting them together. These sites, along with their private publication of a full color newspaper that is distributed for FREE, is costing on average what someone would spend to run for a Senate Seat! Now don't you think having someone in the U.S. Senate would have been a better investment then this Dog and Pony Show?

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have taken their homes through illegal foreclosure processes. This has happened to many people, both supporters and non-supporters all around America. What adds insult to injury in this case is that in most situations the companies who in the end foreclosed and took the homes were not even the original creditors where the loans were issued, but collection agencies and/or banks who purchased the debts when they went into default. You will notice that this is but one of many very VALID complaints that the Occupy Movements have. This is just one more reason they are so difficult to fight against. Many of the things they are using to draw people in are legitimate, unfortunately they are just a "tool" for the people organizing these Revolutions to add to their numbers and gather support.

Occupy DC Day of RageThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give executives exorbitant bonuses. In this case it is obvious they are referring to the banks. Too Big To Fail was a crock, and the majority of Americans agree, but sleeping in front of Wall Street is what will fix this issue. We need to start teaching economics in school. Seeing as most of the protesters in the beginning were children I would like to see if they felt the same after taking a real economics coarse that explored what would happen to the quality of life for them in America in the event of bank failure and/or the devaluation of the dollar. These people might like the romantic side of this, but it is like seeing a vampire movie. No matter how sexy the vampire might be, eventually to become a vampire yourself you have to both DIE and DRINK BLOOD. If you remove the romantic vampire from that scenario there is no way you are going to agree to die and drink blood unless you have a mental disability or a sick sexual fetish.

Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh ProtestThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. In reality the biggest discrimination that exists in today's workplace is against the employer. As a business owner you should be allowed to both hire and serve people based on any criteria you deem fit. Yes, that may lead to a small sector of the community businesses who chose to discriminate, however; it will change quickly if people do not patronize their establishment. In the end a business owner has no gender, no sexual orientation, no age, and no color other than the color of money, GREEN! Without forced hiring policies and mandatory integration you would see many businesses thrive and employees moral increase.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization. I have to say that I am a huge supporter of the elimination of codex alimentaius, criminalizing the patenting of seeds, and removing the legal stronghold Monsanto has over the farming industry making it nearly impossible for this valuable industry to thrive. Sadly the Occupy Movement is not addressing the right people or making a clear enough demand to really make any kind of difference. This is just not an argument that belongs with a protest in the midst of complaints about the economy. At the very best it is a stretch.

Occupy DC Day of RageThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless nonhuman animals, and actively hide these practices. Two things come to mind with this complaint/demand; one being PETA and the other being the Van Jones initiative to have trees and other inanimate objects declared as being entitled to human rights. If you suppot PETA I am not going to argue with you, I disagree, but this is your right. I still think this is an argument better addressed in a different forum. If you are one of these lunatics that thinks a flower feels pain when it gets picked, then you don't need a protest, you need a doctor. Possibly medication.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions. This is a flat out lie. "THEY" just don't want to take those rights away from the individual and give them to the unions. If you don't make enough money, hate what you do, or can't get benefits you need than you need to type up a resume and go look for a better job! If you need or want a raise it is you who needs to work hard and than ask your employer for those additional funds. You do not need a union to speak for you. The fact that you are willing to protest in the first place proves you have a voice, use it! Do not give up your rights to negotiate your own future.

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage Student DebtThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right. Let me start by pointing out that education is not a human right or any kind or right at all. That idea is based on a speech given by FDR which people often refer to as the Bill of Rights II. That speech was never, and will never be, meant to be introduced into law. The speech, when heard in it's entirety, is clear that it is a moral opinion of what we should offer and NOT a law or obligation of any kind. Futhermore it is important to point out that the cost of school attendance is set by the institution itself. The Government and Wall Street has no influence or say on what rates are charged. If you have a problem with the cost of your school you need to address it with your school. The only hand the Government had in the transaction was allowing many students to borrow funds to afford to attend the school of their choice.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay. In reality the threat of Obamacare has done more to threaten healthcare then outsourcing but that is another argument. Outsourcing is a problem. That said, so is the development of technologies, lack of American Industry/Manufacturing, and illegal immigration. No solution to these problems are perfect, but there are things we can do to make it better. One way to make it worse for sure is to tell companies/corporations that outsource because of the high tax rates that YOU want their taxes to be increased. Take a moment to realize just how hypocritical your Pizza Box Sign looks considering that fact.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility. This is not correct. They can afford a better lawyer than a law student working for their credit hours at the National Lawyers Guild, this is true, but they have to follow the law or they get in trouble just like everyone else. If you are trying to state the fact that the Government has created a judicial system that essentially recognizes humans as corporations this is a different issue. I don't happen to agree with that line of thought either but to change it we have to fight within the system legally to change the laws. Signs, marches, and rhetoric won't do any good.

Russell Simmons Kanye West Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage ProtestThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance. It is the right of anyone who earns money legally to spend it as they feel best fits their interests. Your issue should be with the loopholes not the corporations. Don't hate the player baby, hate the game! If you want or need healthcare get a job and buy it. If you don't make enough, get a better job. If you are not skilled enough to get a better job, find someone willing to train you so you can obtain a new skill and eventually make more money. This is not rocket science. (*Note - Obama cancelled NASA, Rocket Scientists don't have health insurance either!).

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have sold our privacy as a commodity. Let's be honest, if you are on the internet you are not a very private person to begin with. I get it though. This ticks me off too. Everyone hates getting that tel-marketer call during dinner or an unsolicited credit card application in the mail. This is still something to take up with your local congressman and not with a picket line. No amount of running through the streets is going to make advertisers forget your phone number, I promise.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press. The military and police only prevent the press from observing or recording when they feel there is a clear and present danger. Understandably that danger is not always apparent to everyone involved but it is better to err on the side of caution. I agree that our authority figures should be given better training so when they are presented with a situation where press is involved they will feel a higher level of comfort. Unfortunately most cities cannot find it within their budgets to offer much needed educational seminars such as this because they have to continue spending millions of dollars on over time pay dealing with people who want to cause chaos and accomplish nothing. Have you seen the total bill thus far for Zucotti Park Protests?

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit. Another really weird complaint/demand that seems out of place. Truth is we do not have a very good system for recalls set up in this country. Most people think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Better Business Bureau (BBB), or Consumer Affairs Department keeps us safe from defective goods but in reality they can only make suggestions. It is up to the companies/corporations themselves to recall items and even then it is up to them how they want to do it. This is a really big problem that really does deserve attention. Immediate attention at that. Problem is that people sleeping on the streets and pooping into plastic bags isn't doing anything to fix this crisis. If just the people calling in to buy the protesters pizza would use their cash to lobby a bill to put in place a better recall procedure you would see it pass congress almost overnight!

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce. I cannot keep typing the same thing or this article will get boring really fast, and it is already really long so we don't need that. TAKE AN ECONOMICS CLASS! I am not sure who "THEY" is in this scenario. It could be wall street, the government, corporations, or the free market in general. It really doesn't matter because these people are just not getting it.  

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have donated large sums of money to politicians supposed to be regulating them. The way you fix that problem is to VOTE for someone who doesn't take the money. Simple. You won't though because without that cash no one cares what you have to say. How many people at the Occupy Movements plan to vote for Matthew Turner? How many people at the Occupy Movements even know who Matthew Turner is? If you really want to change the system, VOTE for Matthew Turner and see if the country gets better! I can promise you at the very least it'll be different!

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage RevolutionThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil. I know they aren't talking about the Obama Administration on this one because he is most likely going to be impeached if he is re-elected over all the money he dumped into useless green programs. Throughout history the people who have found viable alternatives to oil have been quietly disposed of and their research conveniently destroyed. Truth is we have plenty of oil available to us if we would drill at home, and buy from Canada and South America as opposed to the Middle East. If "green living" is your argument, rather than dependency, all I can say is that at this point wouldn't it make more sense to develop a way to use oil safer rather than a way to replace oil all together. It is obvious people don't want to give up their black gold, so why not compromise by making it environmentally savvy. Now that would be a job creator!  

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantive profit. If you can not afford your medications you can call the manufactures directly and they will fill out an application with you on the phone. If you qualify you will receive your medication for free. If you are not approved you will be sent discount coupons that will drastically reduce the cost. Also you can contact your mayor and governor to apply for city or state wide discount drug cards, these are free to residents. Ask your pharmacy because they too have samples and discount cards available to save you money on prescriptions. This is only an issue for lazy or uninformed people.

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage RevolutionThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit. STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS! The fastest way to make a company sit up and take notice is to take away their customers. If you do not agree with the way a company does business, stop buying from them. Share your opinion, RESPECTFULLY, with friends, family, and even the company itself. Companies want to keep their customers happy and they will make changes if enough people are critical of their practices.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media. YOU do realize that the primary person funding the Occupy Movement is George Soros and his Corporations, such as; Tides Foundation, Media Matters, Open Society I am sure. I am also sure that YOU realize that Soros and his Corp.'s own and control the majority of media around the world. This is not an issue YOU will win, because this is just a lie they are telling YOU to quell your voice and opinions. Please wake up!

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt. This is hard to address without specifics because it can be taken numerous ways. I am sure many will agree with me that the judicial system in America is broken. Many courts have been unable to keep up with technology and many judges have served for so long they have become biased and hard. Hollywood glamorizes the court room when in reality cases take an exponential amount of time, resources, and tedious interpretations of archaic language and intentions. There is no quick fix here. A national or international DNA database would help a few cases but it doe NOT outweigh the freedom and privacy we would all lose as a trade off to create it so that is out. National/International RFID ID Cards with Fingerprints and Iris Scans run the same risks. Unlimited appeals would eventually bankrupt our cities, and we are now learning that DNA evidence can be manipulated making it less reliable in the court's eyes. All that considered, this Occupy Movement is not going to fix the problem. This was proven when the protesters who wanted the release of Troy Davis joined the demonstration only to fail when Davis was ultimately executed for his crimes.

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad. Really? I am not even sure how to argue this one. It is common for people to invent an outrageous claim when they start to lose an argument. This allows them to have an upper-hand because their opponent will be unable to find any facts about the event or action in question. Dare I say that is going on here? Best I move on.

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage Revolution Sold OutThe Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas. I really wish these people would use examples and/or specifics. I think that is part of the plan. There is simply no way to argue this because while parts of this statement when pulled apart is true. In the case of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki I can get on board with the murder, but there was no torture. I think ALL Americans should have a problem with the "kill list" approved by the Obama Administration. If this was the main point of the protest and the anger was directed at Obama where it belongs I would be writing a very different article.  

The Occupy Movements claim that "THEY" continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts. No, "THEY" continue to create WMD's to protect our safety and freedoms! Yes, America and American companies occasionally sell weapons of varying strength to other countries for a profit. Doing so saves you from paying so much of the taxes the little pizza box sign your holding says you want "THEY" to stop charging you. If we stop sending those weapons overseas, do YOU plan on making up that revenue by paying higher taxes? I only ask because the 1% won't have anything left.  

To be fair, please remember that these complaints/demands were created by the group referred to as the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square and not the protesters themselves. This Assembly is comprised of a group chosen to be seen as the "leaders" but really they have no more power than the protesters themselves. The Assembly is also the people who are urging protesters to assemble and occupy public space. They are very skilled and talented when it comes to turning the vulnerable in our society into victims of group think. They promise the world and make the broken feel whole by telling them they will give them a voice, but in the end it will only be their puppet masters who have their voices heard!

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Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh Protest Update*~*~* UPDATE *~*~*

People protesting corporate influence in politics and social inequality are protesting in two more Pennsylvania cities.

Protesters gathered in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg for the first time on Saturday, in sympathy with the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York.

The Pittsburgh march included young people and also union members, physicians and parents with children in strollers.

The peaceful crowd stretched for two or three blocks. Police said there were about 500 people involved.

People marched from Freedom Corner in the Hill District to Point State Park, making several stops at corporations along the way.

Mark Tschannen was part of the Occupy Pittsburgh march.

"Some things got to change," Yschannen said. "I am tired of seeing the wealthy get it all and the working man getting the shaft."

Mary Beth Kuznik participated in the march in hopes of voicing her opinion.

"I'm here because we have very bad elections and very bad voting systems," Kuznik said. "They are owned by private companies and they do not allow citizens to verify that their votes have been counted accurately."

Police said the protest was very peaceful and no arrests were made.

In Harrisburg, protesters gathered at the steps of the Capitol building.

In Philadelphia, protesters who set up camp at City Hall plan two marches: one to the Liberty Bell and another through the historic Old City section of the city.

The protests have been going on for more than a week in Philadelphia.

[via WPXI]

Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh Protest UPDATE

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage

Why October 2011 Will Lead to the American Fall - Looks like October 2011 is going to be jammed packed with Revolutions all over the place! People who feel left behind by the spontaneous and disorganized movements of the past will be looking to participate in something and have their voices heard. Desperate times and frustrated people will be easy to both rally for a cause and manipulate for personal gain. The United States is long over due for a Revolution, but it's up to you to decide if any of these are going to do any good for the countries future.

Do you support the #OWS #OccupyWallSt [] Stop the Machine! Create a New World! Movement?
[Take the Poll by Clicking Here and Scrolling Down to the Question]

The ACORN, Obama, George Soros, #OWS #OccupyWallSt Connection (Timeline) - What if a corrupt far left billionaire got together with a corrupt but effective grassroots group in an effort to radically change America? That's exactly what's happening between George Soros and ACORN. Think of ACORN as instruments of George Soros grand plan. Soros wants to elect far left candidates, pass universal health care, props up the unions among many liberal ideological goals. Think of ACORN is the tool of implementation of his ideology, or at least a tool. On top of this, every policy which Soros uses ACORN to implement also helps President Obama. That's the stakes in this unholy alliance.

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage Bank Transfer Day Global ChangeOccupy Wall Street Movement's Run On the Banks - Protestors are calling the event "Bank Transfer Day" and are encouraging people nationwide to participate November 5.

Are You Ready for the United for Global Change Movement? #OWS #GlobalChange - After scattered popular demonstrations around the world, protesters are planning the next step: This time, it’s a global movement for change, set to kick off Saturday, Oct. 15.

Occupy Wall Street is NOT Woodstock - One thing we can say for sure is that "Occupy Wall Street is No Woodstock" no matter what the mainstream media might want you to believe. As the situation in and around Zuccotti Park where the demonstrators have setup shop continues to deteriorate, as sanitary conditions teamed with the personal actions of the protesters appear to be eclipsing the political gathering’s original push for a more “equitable” society. Clearly these people have no clue what "commune living" really is.

Making Sure #OWS Stop the Machine Create a New World October2011 has No Excuses! - According to the #OccupyWallStreet Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 Movement web page their intention is to organize a gathering of people who support PEACE and SOCIAL, ECONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE. Furthermore, they intend to remain in Washington, D.C. as a UNIFIED PRESENCE. It has become more and more obvious as they [] release information that they have no interest in PEACE.
Occupy DC Day of Rage
ObamACORN + #October2011 = Armageddon??? - October 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget. On October 6th, 2011 a concert, rally and protest will kick off a powerful and sustained George Soros funded resistance to both commemorate these events and cause civil unrest on the streets of America meant to crumble Washington D.C. and bring the United States as we know it to its knees. If this action is allowed to succeed, it will be the open door the New World Order has been waiting for.

Examining the Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 Movements Core Issues - These are the core issues identified by the October2011 (#October2011) Movement steering committee. They claim this “list” is meant to get a conversation started, and so we thought we would take them up on their offer to start talking.

Radicals Plan ‘Cairo-Style‘ Occupation of ’Freedom Plaza’ in Washington, DC - A coalition of groups is set to launch a protest with a goal of shutting down the U.S. government. These tactics will be familiar to those who remember the protest plans of SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and his plans to “swarm” Wall Street to the point of bringing down the stock market.

Who will be attending this FREE Concert / March / Protest and where are they getting their Funding??? - If you are planning, or even just thinking about, attending the Stop the Machine! Create a New World! Concert/Rally/Protest on October 6th, 2011 then you should better know who it is that you are getting involved with. You may have previously heard the idiom Politics make Strange Bedfellows, meaning that people who would normally dislike and avoid one another will work together if they think it is politically useful to do so. If that is really all that is going on here then this whole thing just might work, but let’s face the facts, the chances of that being the true agenda of this situation is slim to none. Still, it is up to you to make that choice for yourself.
Occupy DC Day of Rage
The Who, What, Where, & Why about the #OWS Protests - There comes a time when efforts to avoid the truth begin to fail, when one can no longer go about daily life and pretend that all is okay. If you are like most of people, you are experiencing this. You are also experiencing confusion. How many times have you found yourself supporting a cause by hitting the LIKE button on Facebook or sending in a dollar or two using PayPal, because it sounded like the right thing to do, but then all of a sudden it became clear that the cause you were innocently championing was not anything you thought it was?  Don't worry, you're not alone.

Van Jones Warns America ‘Hold On to Your Seats’ Because ‘The Progressive Fight Back’ is Coming In October!

The Simple Truth About Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 - The Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 Movement says They Stand With the Majority of Americans Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed. They have laid out their plan, and this is a summary of what they claim to be about.

We Live in a Republic, NOT a Democracy! - Are you an American, or just a person living in America? The United States political figures and the mainstream media loves to throw around the word Democracy as if it is the biggest gift under the Christmas tree. The problem with this is that most Americans just assume Democracy is a wonderful concept, they have been trained to think this though indoctrination, and they never stop to think how Democracy works inside the border of the great super power of America.

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