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US Military to Expand Presence in Australia

ObamaUnited States Military to Expand Presence in Australia

President Barack Obama announced an agreement Wednesday to expand the U.S. military presence in Australia, underscoring concerns in the region over an increasingly assertive China.

The agreement, formally unveiled by Obama during a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, will allow up to 250 U.S. Marines to begin a rotation in northern Australia next year, with a full force of 2,500 military personnel over the next several years.

ChinaObama insisted that any notion that the United States fears China or wants to exclude the growing power from American economic alliances in the Asia-Pacific region is mistaken. But he said the United States will keep sending a clear message that China needs to accept the responsibilities that come with being a world power.

"It's important for them to play by the rules of the road," Obama said. (Continue reading this story).

Torchwood InstituteSo begins the countdown to the transformation of the world as we know it into a universe that resembles that of the television show Torchwood. Funny how art imitates life at times. Being that Torchwood is set in Cardiff I find it ironic that this new US Military base will be located in Australia. Look around at all the increased reports of Alien UFO Sighting and Biblical Miracles and you can't help but feel that the times in which we live are headed for a major, and potentially catastrophic, change.

There is a loose Conspiracy Theory floating around the net about Australia that has intrigued me. It sucks that no one has really pieced it together yet, and being just one person myself I am finding it difficult to gather up all the proof and straighten out the exact story. The basic outline goes like this:

     - A large scale version of the Pentagon was built in Australia that included underground shelters in case of attacks and includes long term food and seed storage.

Clinton Hillary     - Hilary Clinton was chosen as Secretary of State to negotiate the implementation of a permanent US Military base being built in Australia. In exchange for her work she was promised the US VP position upon President Obama's re-election in 2012.

George Soros Obama     - Obama conspired with George Soros, who Obama worked with when he was with ACORN's Project Vote, to have documents released and then made public with the intention of in-sighting riots and Government collapse in Middle Eastern countries. They chose to use Wikileaks and Julian Assange to spread the information quickly and with a sense of authenticity. Completing the circle of conspiracy Obama then encouraged the protesters/rioters to collapse their Governments and oust their leaders all while condemning both the release of the documents and Julian Assange personally for doing exactly what he was told to do.

     -  Considering the morals and values Obama has expressed during his time in office and in his book "Dreams from My Father", it is very possible that Obama may support Sharia Law. He had many influences of the Koran and the Muslim Religion in his upbringing and so this could have molded the man he is today. Understand that I am not questioning Obama's religion or origin of birth here, I am pointing out that we all learn from those who surround us and Obama had many different types of morals and values to observe for himself as he matured. Due to that it is my opinion that he could have purposely wanted certain men in power dethroned, not for the safety of the US, but for a hidden agenda of Muslim Brotherhood leaderships and eventually a One World Order.  

Gudaffi     - Judging Muammar Gaddafi on his past deeds he was an evil man. I grew up in the 80's and can remember the fear that would paralyze many of the adults around me when Gaddafi was shown on TV or mentioned in the paper. I recall President Ronald Regan warning of the evil inside of Gaddafi and promising the American people he would do all he could to keep us safe from Gaddafi's evilness. There is no question why many hate Gaddafi. Then 9/11 happened. Gaddafi was one of the first world leaders to condemn terrorism and offered assistance to the US. Gaddafi also reached out the US inside of the UN voting in tandem and began making a true effort to have a positive relationship with the US. Gaddafi was not in support of the protests, however; and warned Obama that if the riots succeeded in crumbling the Governments that the Muslim Brotherhood would assuredly gain power. He also warned the US that the Muslim Brotherhood was directly connected to Al-Qaeda. Funny how if Obama had listened he would have had to condemn the protests and supported the failing Governments instead of what we did do. So magically we invaded Libya and Gaddafi took his last breathe at the hands of the terrorists that Obama sent our troops to support. Not saying Gaddafi did or did not deserve to die, just that maybe he shouldn't have been killed for the wrong reasons.

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage     -  Soros and his companies are funding Occupy Wall Street (OWS) at the behest of Obama. It is the intention of OWS to bring down the structure of Government here in America. If there is civil unrest on the streets at the time of elections Obama can, and most likely will, use an Executive Order to postpone the Presidential Elections. This will allow him to then eliminate term limits by Executive Order thus making him the "King" of the United States of America. All Government below him will be disbanded and a new form of Government will slowly arise. Eventually the USA will openly merge with Canada and Mexico to create the EU modeled North American Union (NAU). I say "openly" because we already formed this treaty a long time ago if you research Agenda 21! All this and more won't happen overnight but in the end Obama will have control of the entire world. He will be the King of the New World Order or the One World Government. I use the word "control" loosely because while he is the face you will see as your leader, he is not the Puppet Master. 

Occupy Wall Street


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