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Was The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear March a Success?

October 30, 2010

Was The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear March a Success?

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

For all the hoopla that surrounded the Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert Restoring Sanity and/or Fear March it is a disappointment that all it turned out to be was a glorified concert and comedy show.

A few big surprises still shined through. The Mythbusters did a “wave” stunt with the crowd. I am sure it was entertaining for the attendees, but turned out to be a real snore for those watching at home.

The addition of the four troops singing the National Anthem was a nice touch. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the show. It was indeed a beautiful performance.

From the aerial shots the crowd appeared large, but far from the Glenn Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally. A big disappointment for the comedian hosts I am sure. There is no doubt the mainstream will misrepresent the numbers but anyone with a higher IQ then their shoe can just look at satellite photo footage to arrive at the real conclusion.

Crowd Size

Jon Stewart made a huge deal about the size and diversity of his crowd. It was obvious the only point was to make fun of past events, as expected because he is only a comedian. A few plants in the crowd spoke to show how “diverse” the crowd was but the faces and shades seemed comparable to all other rallies of recent kind.

Stephen Colbert’s pre-taped bunker skit was a hit with the crowd, and the pod entrance was unexpected. The stunt reminded us all that these men are great comedy minds and not political figures.

When Colbert started his set it was like watching an exaggerated version of what the New World Order Illuminati Elite will be shouting as they lead the Sheeple into the FEMA Camps. Quite expected from a man who posts the symbol for the New World Order on his Twitter page.

The television actor priest stood before the group to mock religion, and although not a follower of organized religion myself, it was very offensive. Again, this stunt was performed to poke fun at previous rallies like 8/28 but only went to discredit the rally more. Showing once more that this was about a “show” and not meant to “serve a purpose” or “send a message”.

Seeing Sam Waterston reading the poem was silly, but entertaining. A perfect ushering in of Halloween.

Yusuf singing on behalf of Stewart took me back to the historical recordings we all have seen and heard about Woodstock (that is if you were not there yourself). It was orchestrated to appear like a statement of peace but turned quickly to rhetoric when interrupted by Colbert. Of course the follow up by Ozzy was a trip of my own to childhood.

The O’Jays simmered the bickering comics down with a soulful rendition of “Love Train”. Another great concert performance on the Washington Mall.

The prerecording of Steven Slater and Teresa Giudice seemed more then unnecessary and somewhat out of place. Then the cut to Stewarts correspondents seemed to serve as nothing more then a filer for a costume change.

The medals were again a poke at Glenn Beck, complete with a disregarding comment about black military helicopters. Does it not concern anyone else the image of an “Owl” was on these “medals”? Just one more symbol of the New World Order that kept popping up at this rally.

More music followed cementing the fact that aside from mocking religion and previous more successful rallies this was just a gathering for fun and entertainment. No real message was left to resonate with the attendees or people watching at home.

Of course the rally would not have been complete without a shameless slinging of merchandise. Another interruption compelled people to waste money on needless and ridiculous junk.

Another scary tidbit was when Colbert addressed “Privacy Issues”. More desensitization of the Sheeple. It was really a very eerie feeling watching the comedians joke about it.

Kid Rock’s performance was the best of the day. Accompanied by Sheryl Crow and a green screened T.I. this was truly a song designed to shatter the left right paradigm. At least someone performing at this event “gets it”.

The keynote speeches by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were staged as a debate went very wrong. I think this rallies success should be judged by how many people are arrested this weekend for being in Burger King naked as Colbert said he enjoyed doing himself.

The overall tone of the day was a Glenn Beck and other conservative bashing at an over publicized open air free concert. I suppose you could say Glenn Beck was in attendance being he was the main theme of all the video montages. Stewart encouraged people to be uninvolved with what is going on in the world while Colbert tried to mock all the things that “might” happen in the future. Although turning Stewart into Tinkerbell seemed appropriate in some perverse way.

I must say Stewart seemed sincere in his final address to the crowd. He admitted to being a comedian and not a political representative. He referred to his event as a “show” and not a “movement” of any kind. Stewart really believed he was not making fun of serious issues and said he wanted people to take away the message that “we live in hard times, not end times”.   

At the end of the day there was an impact made by the rally. But if you ask me there was no where near the impact the event coordinators were looking for. As a political movement or statement the rally to restore sanity and/or fear march was an epic fail. The good news for supporters however, was that it was an awesome free concert and a good reminder to be tolerant of others.

Where You at the Event?
Do You Think the Event was a Success or Failure?
How did the Event Compare to 8/28?
Do we live in Hard Times or End Times?

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Full Disclosure:

Glenn Beck's site has released a story (on The Blaze) disputing the Reports of Attendance linked to the Stewart/Colbert rallies. Please take a minute to read it over to get some more facts not addressed in this piece. Thank you.

This very educational site (Geographic Travels) has posted a blog entry with a alternate view of the Glenn Beck vs. Stewart/Colbert Rally Attendance numbers then suggested in this entry. Please take a moment to read the piece thus allowing you to see the point from all sides. Thank you.


Points to Take Away from This Rally:

"We live now in hard times, not end times."

I don't know if I agree with this point, and yet it the one that resonated with me the most. While it is good to be ready for whatever tomorrow brings, it can be detrimental to live as if tomorrow will never come. We all know there are people and forces beyond our control out there who want to do all they can to usher in the end of days, but that does not mean we have to lay down and let them.

"We can have animus and not be enemies,"

The comments in this blog entry alone can show how EVERYONE, even those who support Colbert/Stewart and including myself, missed this message in many ways. Of all the points Stewart made in his speech, this is the nugget of truth we should ALL embrace.

"Unfortunately, one of our main tools in delineating the two broke. The country's 24-hour political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator did not cause our problems. But its existence makes solving them that much harder."

With so much information mixed with opinion and wrapped discreetly in agenda coming in one ear and out the other at rapid speeds faster then light and at all hours of the day or night how can we be expected not to be on overload. Turn off the TV. Don't read the paper. Shutdown the computer, and push silent on the phone. Not forever, just for a short time. Process what you know, what you think you know, and what you need to know. Create a conclusion of your own, or realize you need more clarification to do so. It always important to remember to think for ourselves.

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You said like a hater, only writing this article to bash on stewart and cobert, which you already were going to do regardless of what happened or what was said... if you were there, you most likely would have been told to "stop being a douche"

the rally was fun, except for being way overcrowded and absolutely crushed the attendance of becks rally.

It may have been a show, but so is our ridiculous government. It brought together people of all different kinds, so your bash on stewarts comment on diversity is just completely wrong. I take it you weren't there. It sure sounds like. And it sure sounds like your a douche.

Comment Comment Comment Comment

The writer of this piece seems to have missed the message if all she saw was a glorified concert and comedy show. She missed the subtlety of the interaction which held the message - comedic antics aside. But sometimes that's an effective method to get it across.
This event drew almost 200,000 people and not once did it ever become a hate fest as I've seen over and over from the 'other' side. I felt the excitement, the love, the social statements presented without rancor.
Stewart and Colbert are political satirists, not unlike Beck and Limbaugh who are hardly news anchors themselves. They did an exemplary job keeping the crowd enthused and their final, sober message was poignant. "If we amplify everything, we hear nothing." Now that's a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

Comment Comment

I was there, and I'd say it was a success. Your critique only reveals that you have no idea what it was all about. Your comments about Sarducci's appearance are absurd. Actually, the fact that you think the rally was a failure as a political movement will probably be good news to Stewart, Colbert, and everyone who attended. Crowd estimates will tell us the numbers, but we don't really much care. It wasn't about politics, it was about humankind.


As you can tell from the official count, this Rally was almost 2.5x the size of Glenn Beck's rally.


Libs obviously lied by claiming that they drew more people at the One Nation rally ( then they again obviously lied by claiming that they drew more people at the Restore Sanity rally ( Unfortunately for them they will have to admit that they drew MUCH LESS people to the ballot boxes next tuesday. Maybe because there won't be Sheryl Crow, Yusuf Islam and the Mythbusters at the polls...


Between this and your previous post warning people to stay away from the rally, it's pretty clear that the idea of people coming together in a spirit of love and cooperation terrifies you. I watched much of the rally online (waiting for the World Series to start) and saw people having a good time and enjoying a message of respect and coming together. If you didn't get the message of Yusef Islam and Ozzy singing together, too bad for you.

The crowd count for yesterday's rally is 215,000. The count for Beck's rally was 87,000. Deal with it.


Actually I have figured out that they are not news anchors and i know they are comedians. Maybe you have not figured out they are not trying to be anchors, and trying to ridicule the "real news." Like Beck, they are sharing their "personal views" which happen to be funny, not laughing at their jokes, but with them when they point out the reality of how backwards some things are, that are pushed by mainstream media. Maybe they are entertainers and comedians, but they report more "real" news, than any other network.

The rally was exactly what it was supposed to be, and like the Denise above said, it was not about politics, its about humankind.

This government is two groups bickering back and forth, and not even paying attention to the country of people surrounding them. Its ludicrous. Jon and Stephen ARE comedians, but that does not mean that they don't know whats right and wrong better than a bunch of selfish screaming babies.

It seems that you have no idea what your talking about and all the comments seem to agree. YOU COMPLETELY MISSED THE MESSAGE!!

Comment Comment

Here is a map of the crowds at both rallies (Beck and Stewart). Judge the size for yourself:

Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment

First, I'll answer your questions: Yes, I was at the event. I think it was a success. It was much better than Beck's rally, though probably less historic than King's (you didn't say WHICH 8/28 you were asking about). And we certainly live in hard times, not end times.

Second, I agree that the Rally was a show. Stewart and Colbert were quite explicit about that. What I disagree with is your implicit claim that it was ONLY a show. As the great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said: "A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes." This is the same philosopher who told us not to get confused by words and rhetoric--something Jon Stewart was trying to remind us of yesterday.


When you tell supporters it was a basically a Democrat pseudo-political rally with free concerts, they respond by saying it wasn't supposed to be political and it was a joke.

When you tell them it wasn't funny, either, they tell you that you have no sense of humor.

It's a lose-lose if you didn't see the point (other than to mock likely voters and their concerns), and if you didn't see the humor of this predominantly white rally because it objectively wasn't as funny as the fanboys and fangirls assert that it was.

Whatever. I doubt the people snarking and laughing and comparing Palin, Bush, Cantor, Beck and others to Hitler will be laughing come Wednesday.

They'll suddenly and inexplicably be very serious indeed. Because they won't have the last laugh this time.

Comment Comment Comment

I disagree with the statement "No matter what I or anyone else say it is a conjecture." Conjecture is speculating with little hard evidence; CBS used the same analysts to estimate the August and October rallies based on aerial imaging. This is analysis, not conjecture. Beck claiming a half million or Bachmann claiming a million (and at another time, claiming 1.6 million) isn't even conjecture; it's propaganda.

I was at the rally, and like many, I heard little, and saw nothing of the "show." I wasn't there to be entertained by Stewart, Colbert, et. al., but to make a statement against intolerance, ignorance, stupidity, and demagoguery by being there -- and from what I saw, many, if not most of the people at this rally were there for same reason. If I had been interested in the entertainment, I would have stayed home and watched it on television, where I would actually have been able to see and hear what was happening.


I find the debate about the purpose of the rally to be a bit weird. Stewart and Colbert have always provided political satire. They make political points through satirical humor. The rally was a political statement framed in satirical humor, with one brief moment of straight talk at the end... Good job Jon!

Concerning my map, compare it to the aerial photos. You will see that the map reflects the crowds at the two events, not just the permitted area. In fact, Beck had a permit for 100,000 and Stewart had a permit for 60,000. CBS hired an independent firm that has computer software that analyzes such photos. The same firm estimated 87,000 at Beck's rally and 215,000 at Stewart's.

But this is hardly the point. The point is DO NOT site at home on Tuesday. VOTE because there are two extremely different options on the table... FEAR or HOPE. And just in case it was not obvious, Stewart was NOT the one peddling fear.

Comment Comment Comment Comment

Views aside, you are grossly wrong about the size of the crowd. Of course there are going to be many varying estimates, but don't forget about the reflecting pool in the middle of Glenn Beck's rally. As someone who works with satellite imagery for a living, I think you're misrepresenting facts. Don't forget about the enormous reflecting pool in the middle of Glenn Beck's rally:

I think the overall purpose of each rally was incredibly different and you're being a bit ignorant of the other side. They are satirists, they are not seriously making fun of the USA. That all said, I appreciated reading a dissenting opinion.

Comment Comment

Yes there is a large reflecting pool void of people, also note in in the other pic, there is a large void on the lawn at the bottom of the pic, and the 4th street seen here

Being an imagery analyst myself in the military, I had to take on this challenge. I did my own calculations using a simple area calculation tool found on the web. I simply outlined the main crowds and removed the area for the reflecting pool, street, and lawn where there were voids in the crowd. Here are the numbers I came up with...

Beck's Crowd:
100871.17 m²
0.10 km²
24.93 acres
1085768.26 feet²
0.03 square nautical miles

Stewarts Crowd:
112762.75 m²
0.11 km²
27.86 acres
1213768.16 feet²
0.03 square nautical miles

So, even though it seems like Beck has the bigger crowd from the pictures, Stewart did have the larger crowd area. Now, you still have to factor in the density of the crowd to get the true numbers of attendees, but this shows pics can be deceiving.

Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment


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