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White House Laughs, Mocks Question About Obama Not Giving Easter Statement

President Obama is known to regularly issue statements about important holidays, especially Christian ones. For example, both he and Michelle delivered one this past Christmas. So it is interesting that the president failed to issue any sort of message or proclamation for Sunday’s Easter holiday.

The president did release an Easter statement last year, but it was heavily criticized after it referenced Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and people of no faith at all.

It occurs to me that in these times President Obama knows more about what is coming then what he wants to let on, and a statement of any kind might lead the nation to clues into his real agenda for America. The powers that be seem to keep President Obama on a tight leash now-a-days only allowing pre-approved teleprompter approved speeches and rehearsed town hall responses. The world should be ready for a lot more of this rhetoric heading in to the 2012 election cycle.

The truth is President Obama has an "ace up his sleeve" and anyone who listens to news sources like Freedomizer Radio, Coast to Coast, Infowars, or even Glenn Beck knows that the agenda President Obama is promoting is full of nothing "Christian"!

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