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WIN a Caring Cross Handmade in Bethlehem (Exp 12/10)


My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossMy Caring Cross  

These Caring Crosses are so beautiful and inspirational I can think of many people who would benefit from this blessed reminder in their lives. When I received My Caring Cross I was asked to carry it around with me for one week. I didn't think much of it, until I reflected back at the end of those seven days. We all know someone who needs some extra support in today's uncertain world, and I hope that you will seek comfort for them by getting them a Caring Cross of their own.

Day One

When the package arrived in the mail carrying My Caring Cross I waited until everyone was out of my room to open it. I wanted my first experience with My Caring Cross to be mine, and mine alone, to strengthen the bond I might have with it in the future. The precious Cross was wrapped so carefully and with LoVe that immediately upon holding it I could feel myself filling up with LoVe. Velvet usually burns my fingers, but the bag that surrounded it felt so soft and warm in my hands. I took a moment and grasped the smooth uniquely carved Cross in one palm and as I traced the natural knots and curves of the wood with my fingers not just a feeling of LoVe but an invisible veil of Protection seemed to caress my soul. It was as if this simple little carving was a suit of armor, and I was being cared for and looked after from above just by having it.

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossDay Two

I awoke rested and refreshed. I had been having trouble sleeping so I decided to place My Caring Cross under my pillow and it really seemed to help. All my aches and pains seemed a little more bearable when I awoke and the hecticness of the day didn't seem so overwhelming. It wasn't hard to sleep with My Caring Cross under my pillow either, with it's small size and wrapped in it's soft velvet pouch. It was really nice to get a good night's rest, I really needed to sleep.

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossDay Three

A peaceful day. We can all use one of those. It isn't often I get to have a day where life doesn't get ahead of me.

The News was packed full of Gloom and Doom. An episode of Glenn Beck and an old Podcast from Alex Jones on infowars didn't help to ease the fears of what might be coming. Prepare, prepare, prepare is the mantra my whole family seems to have stuck in their minds now-a-days. Even when you weed through all the Conspiracy and Lies that flood the Internet, the Truth is almost worse than the fabrications. I am sure you have felt it too. Sometimes it can feel like there is no way to stop it.

My youngest son is better in tune with Current Events then in any parent would really like in the current climate. He talks to me a lot about signs of the Last Days and what people throughout history have done when they thought they were living in the End Times. Silly things like 11-11-11 and 12-21-2012 fascinate him, but don't influence his thoughts and behavior. He worries more about things like the United States relationship with Israel and the outcome of the 2012 elections. For a twelve year old boy thoughts like that can cause many sleepless nights.

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossI shared My Caring Cross with my son and he LoVeD the way it fit in the palm of his hand. He smiled as he stroked the smooth surface and talked about how he would like to try to carve one one day with his Boy Scout knife. I giggled and explained that the wood came from trees that were grown where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. My son looked amazed that it didn't take hours of sanding to make the wood so smooth. My son smiled gleefully again and hugged My Caring Cross tight to his chest calming down almost instantaneously. He slept well that night, and so did I.

Day Four

All at once we received a pile of bills in the mail, the car broke down, and everyone in the house seemed to have a touch of the flu. Stress and panic filled the air so thick we could hardly hear each other when we spoke. In our home, it was as if the apocalypse had come. I reached into my pocket, tears of stress and frustration streaming down my cheeks and my back stiff with fear, and pulled out My Caring Cross. So small and precious I had already gotten in the habit of carrying it with me everywhere I went. Holding My Caring Cross in one hand and grasping that hand with my other, I closed my eyes tight and asked, no I begged, to be granted the ability to let go of the stress that had created such a fog in my life and allow my heart to trust that GOD would not give me more than I alone could handle. Before I knew it, I feel asleep.

When I opened my eyes everything around me had slowed down. I heard the car pull up outside. It was a simple fix that required almost no money at all. Relatives stepped in to straighten out the bills and for the first time in a week I didn't have a headache. Now I am not saying My Caring Cross performed a Miracle, but I think it might of helped lead me to a place where I could recognize one.

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossDay Five

While doing research for one of my articles I searched around the net for a free copy of the Book of Mormon. Little did I know that it would come equipped with two young boys doing their Missionary work for the LDS Church. Keeping in mind that nothing in life is truly free, except maybe my blog giveaways, I took the time to meet with the boys and talk about the Bible. We have since become very good friends. The boys called me on day five to see if there was anything they could do to help me out. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and they offer to do odd jobs around the home I can't do anymore. I didn't have a lot for them this time, but I was so ecstatic that they called! I wanted to tell them all about My Caring Cross.

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossCaring Crosses are individually carved from a single unique piece of beautifully grained olive wood pruned from the olive trees around Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus. Christians have been carving crosses like this for hundreds of years, originally for pilgrims and more recently tourists visiting the Holy Land. Each craftsman receives a fair price to support their family and Christian community. The Caring Cross is designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand as an aid to prayer or meditation. Ideal as your spiritual companion for easing children's fears, comforting worries and stresses of adults and focusing the prayer of the sick and elderly.

Day Six

My brother is getting married next year. The date seems far away when you look at it outside of the situation, but when you're in it it's like time is flying by. My brother's fiance is a Devout Christian and has introduced my brother to Christianity. I just knew that the perfect way to share their new union, both with each other and with GOD, would be to give away a Caring Cross to each of their guests at their wedding. If they order them in bulk the price is beyond reasonable, and they even come in white linen bags, they call it the Wedding Cross. It would match the day perfectly! I really hope their guests LoVe the Caring Cross as much as I do. What am I saying, I know they will!

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossDay Seven

I don't think I will ever stop carrying My Caring Cross with me. I feel compelled to share it with everyone who will listen. While My Caring Cross can't create a relationship with GOD for you, it can definitely put you on a path to strengthening any bond that might already exists. I have a friend who is starting N/A classes soon, and he will be needing a lot of prayers. If I was to give a Caring Cross to anyone it would be him. Personally I think the Caring Cross might keep people coming back even better than those first 24hr. chips! There are so many places in the world Caring Crosses are needed these days, I don't think we will ever run out of people to give them to.  

You might be wondering what makes Caring Crosses so special, and the answer to that would be Issa. Issa is a Christian living on the outskirts of Bethlehem and has been carving crosses and religious items his whole life to support his wife and three children.  Twenty years ago Issa began exporting his olive wood handicrafts to America with the help of a Christian woman who wanted to share them with the world. With the decline in Bethlehem tourism Issa and other Christian Artisans are struggling to sell their wares and make the money they need to care for their families. Caring Crosses aim is to support them by providing a market for these olive wood crosses direct to Christians in America.

My Caring Cross My Comfort CrossWhen deciding on if you should buy a Caring Cross for yourself or a loved one know that individual orders are both appreciated and respected. You will receive the same service whether you order one or one thousand. It is important to note, however; that volume sales is what will benefit Issa and his family the most due to the cost of bringing these treasures to our shores. Before you place your final order think about all of the ways My Caring Cross could be used to touch those around you and try to order in a bulk number to both save yourself money and provide for Issa.

There are many ways you could use the My Caring Cross in your life, such as; Church Fundraisers, you could give them away at Retirement Homes, Stocking Stuffers, they are perfect for Religious School Teachers as gifts, talk to your Church about using them as Sunday School rewards, send them to long distance relatives and loved ones for Birthday/Christmas gifts (easy to send in the mail), they would make beautiful 9/11 Memorial Markers, think about substituting sugary candy eggs at Easter with the My Caring Cross, and a million more ideas are out there you just have to be creative. Thank you.

1 cross is $8 ($5 plus $3 shipping)
2 crosses are $12 ($9 plus $3 shipping)
Mission Pack is 8 crosses at $40 ($32 plus $8 shipping)
Fundraising and Church packs are still $3 per cross plus shipping.

If you buy a Caring Cross and then WIN our contest, your money will be refunded.

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