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WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD (Exp 11/30)

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVDExpires: 11/30/2011

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD
Numbers 0 through 12
Educational DVD

In today's world more and more parents are choosing to home-school their children. The demand for good homeschool curriculum is higher now then ever before. I have done the home-school route, sent the kids to public school, even let them try out private school for a while. All but one of my little angels, and at times lil' devils, really excelled at home-school and never really wanted to be anywhere else. Now my grandson is at the age to start his education, and I don't feel comfortable with him being cooped up all day in a classroom full of under paid teachers who have little vested interest in his success. I have high aspirations for my grandson and I don't plan to rely on our broken indoctrination machine to help him reach his full potential so I plan to home-school him with help from the rest of our family.

The hardest part of home-schooling is getting started, followed closely by making lesson plans, and feeling as if you just aren't qualified. It is important to remember that you are smarter then you give yourself credit for! Another trick that should keep you from breathing into a paper bag is to remember that anything you don't know or don't understand you can learn along with your child and that will strengthen your parent/child family bond.

I like creating my own lesson plans. For older kids I always start with a lot of reading and that translates well to other subjects like problem solving for math. When it comes to younger kids it is helpful to use pre-prepared materials like the ones offered by Steps4Kids. Some Moms and Dads excel in one subject, but might lack a little know how in others. That is where Steps4Kids DVDs come in handy. If you are good at reading but need some assistance teaching math you can rest assured you will still succeed with approximately 80 minutes of teaching support in the Steps4Kids multiplication DVD that teaches math facts from 0 through the number 12, math terms and properties, and presents the equations in both the horizontal and vertical formats to help with rote memorization. It makes it simple for you and your squirming bundle of joy!

Speaking of squirming, my neighbor told me she was pulled into the school the other day to have a meeting about her son. The school not only wanted to scold my neighbor for being "uninvolved" because she chose not to donate to the school's fundraiser of the week, but they wanted to inform her that her son was unmanageable, learning disabled, and needed to be put on medication immediately! You would think a public school paid for by her own tax dollars would have treated my neighbor with a little more respect, but instead they just told her to sign some forms and scooted her out the door.

Needless to say my neighbor reached her breaking point. Her son will finish out this school year as to not disrupt his social or emotional growth and then pass or fail he will begin home-school next academic school year. My neighbor knows I have home-schooled kids young and old in the past so she has enlisted me and my older kids to help her out with her son's new educational career. My son is going to be helping with the math portion my neighbor's son's school day using the Steps4Kids Multiplication DVD. He likes instructing with it because it offers engaging visuals, calm auditory instruction and support, and discussions about patterns and tips to help children remember their numbers. All the DVDs offered by Steps4Kids are set up to make teaching a fluid and enjoyable experience for the student and for the teacher.

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVDThe Steps4Kids Multiplication DVD is simple to use in a home-school or big class room environment. Each number track can be accessed directly for targeted practice and includes short practice tests at the end to help viewers remember their times table.  Number patterns and "Kids Tips" are also shown.

Colorful visuals, soothing narration and engaging animation suitable for home and classroom offer support for children of all abilities. That makes it easy to use with children with learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia, or other challenges. There is even a separate track for educators that offers templates for interactive whiteboard use, ideas for accommodations to help students, and teaching strategies to help with multiple digit multiplication.

All together the Steps4Kids Multiplication DVD includes 15 Tracks. On Track One (1) there is information for teachers and parents. On Track Two (2) you will find an introduction to math terms & properties (e.g. factors, identity property, associative property, etc.). On Tracks Three (3) through Fifteen (15) the DVD will teach the times table of numbers using vertical and horizontal presentations.  Each number track includes a practice test to help children with their rote memorization of the equations shown in the track. 

After being reviewed by both the adult and child jurors from the Kids First! Coalition for Quality Children's Media, the Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD was given the "All Star" (3 star) endorsement rating!  

All products are made in the U.S.A. and comply with the materials safety requirements of the CPSIA.

from DJ6ual and Steps4Kids
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