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Win FREE Basa Body All Natural Coconut Oil Body Lotion #Giveaway (Exp 12/05)


Basa Body Lotion All Natural Coconut OilBasa Body All Natural Coconut Oil Body Lotion 

Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I notice that suffering from this autoimmune disease has many side effects and additional conditions that can make life unbearable. One of the things that is intensely difficult to deal with is all the skin condition issues that occur as a result of having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Chronic dry and itchy skin is common for people with autoimmune disorders, amongst other things, and it's hard to find good quality lotions that will offer any relief to the problem. It's like in today's world everything on the drug store shelves are Big Pharma sponsored creams that do nothing but make the problems worse. It's impossible to find anything natural in our modern society ruled by the all mighty GMO, and it's even more unlikely that you will find anything in the store, at the pharmacy, or in the doctor's office that really works the way the package promises that it will. This is what makes Basa Body products such a welcomed solution.

Basa Body Lotion All Natural Coconut OilAll Basa Body products are made with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and has natural antioxidants that are antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal. That's right, NATURAL! Even better than that, it works! Basa Body products help promote healing and give skin a healthier, youthful appearance. Plus, Basa Body products smell good and feel sensational on your skin, amazing what can be accomplished when you embrace all natural products!


Basa Body Lotion All Natural Coconut OilBasa Body products high quality and superior body lotion is only part of this companies incredible story. The Basa Body story began years ago with a single trip to Kenya. The inspiring people at Basa Body connected with wonderful, intelligent women working hard to feed their families. Their small-scale enterprise was called Coast Coconut Farms, where they produced virgin, organic coconut oil by hand. It sounds amazing, and it must have been, because it was the beginning of a beautiful and inspiring partnership!

Basa Body Lotion All Natural Coconut OilIntrigued by their commitment, skill, and entrepreneurial spirit, Basa Body was determined to help these women tell their story and grow their business. The result is is the Basa Body company that you see today. A quick bit of TRIVIA: Basa Body, is named after the women of Mombasa, Kenya where Basa's coconut oil is produced.

Get excited, because Basa Body's story doesn't end there! Basa Body is growing in the United States and they are creating jobs here as well. In a time when jobs when are more valuable thank gold, this is a company that is a true hero for America! We all need to support companies like this, because they are the backbone of our country and will be the driving force behind what gets us out of our current economic woes.

It is also important to know that Basa Body takes "giving back" very seriously, With a firm commitment to Charity Basa Body gives 10% of all their profits to humanitarian work. You see Basa Body is not a company that is just looking for your dollars today. It is their hope you will be their loyal customers for many years to come. Basa Body believes if we can help each other out as a team it would make us all happier, and that's the kind of organization I want to spend my money with.

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Make your own Coconut Oil Soap at home!

Coconut oil can be used for a whole host of different things. Basa Body likes to share those ideas with their customers. Did you know you can make an all-natural soap using coconut oil and other basic ingredients? You can make this soap in your home and use whatever fragrances you'd like, Basa Body has Videos and Print Outs to teach you how. If you don't have the time you can also simply buy a Gift Box from Basa Body with a Chocolate Mint Truffle Soap included. It really is a fantastic idea for Christmas! [Download Soap Recipe].

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