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Believers Say Church Cross 'Bleeding'

Something unusual is happening at a Ukrainian Catholic church in Winnipeg.

Believers say a steel cross inside the church appears to be bleeding.

Mary Jane Kalenchuk, caretaker of the tomb of Catholic Bishop Blessed Vasae at St. Joseph's Ukrainian Church, said an oily substance began weeping from the cross about a month ago.

"Something is occurring ... is happening, but right now, we really can't explain it," she said.

Whatever the explanation, pilgrims from around the world are flocking to the martyr's shrine.

"This honor ... and just to be in his presence. To me, if I don't come here, I'm missing something," visitor Isabell Lukie said.

More than 20,000 people have come to the bishop's tomb since it opened in 2001. His is one of two such shrines in Canada, and this is not the first time it's been associated with unexplained events.

"I could use the word 'miracle' but that's a technical term," the church's Rev. John Sianchuk said. "I'll say graces from God of healings and cancer healings."

The church is contemplating whether or not the Vatican should investigate.

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