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Happiness for Beginners by Garry Lee Wright

Heartfelt thanks to both Garry Lee Wright and GoodReads for providing me with an Autographed FREE COPY of the book Happiness for Beginners. I was the Lucky winner in Garry Lee Wright’s GoodReads Book Giveaway and I really appreciate the opportunity to read and review his excellent glimpse into his reality.


Serendipity means ‘accidental discovery’. Most of the important discoveries in my life have come by accident. But I’m convinced there’s no such thing as coincidence.”

I have never believed in coincidence. I even have a tattoo on my arm that symbolizes the word “destiny”, i.e. no such thing as coincidence. It has to be destiny that this book found me.

The most endearing character for me was Blanche, the mother. The stories of her depression cooking reminded me of my grandmother, who played a large part in raising me, and great-grandmother who visited often. I have to tell you that when I read about Blanche I went out and got myself some potato soup and lemon pie. It just wasn’t the same as it would’ve been had it been homemade.

I blame my grandmother for my predisposition for hoarding. A quality Blanche seemed to exhibit as well. I too can fix anything with duct-tape. Not sure if that skill is inherited or a side effect of motherhood.

My family rivaled the author’s when it came to the crazy train. He talks about the doctors running out of space for the diagnoses, but in my case I think they ran out of diagnoses! I also related to his career crisis, as I too jumped from one profession to another trying to find my fit in the world. It is amazing to me how many of the same choices we made on that front; radio, sales, stand-up comedy, entrepreneur (never caught, lol!), and I never stopped being a consultant (I don’t think anyone ever can!).


“Faith is a good thing, but religion would be more popular with me if the worst people in the world didn’t think that whenever they bow their heads, a red phone rings on God’s desk.”

I couldn’t agree with the author more. I find it difficult sometimes being around so many people of “faith”. I notice that most of the people who share my overall views of family, politics, and the like are religious. Organized religion has never been my strong suit.

Having spent a good portion of my life in Southern California, mostly San Diego and Los Angeles, it took me back to read the author’s account of good old Cali’. I forgot how much I missed it. How much I consider it home. Thought is different on the West Coast, people are different.

Like the author physical ailments affect me now. I learned to ask questions too, but mine is closed on more than just Mondays. It is always fulfilling in some strange way to meet a kindred spirit on this twisted road we call life, and if I weren’t already taken I’d say Garry Lee Wright was my soulmate!

I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Happiness for Beginners by Garry Lee Wright to all who need a deep laugh, a good cry, a sweet story, a new journey, a winding path, or a friend along the way!

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