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Priority by Aaron Powell

PriorityPriority by Aaron B. Powell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Priority by Aaron Powell

Strap in as the author of this book drops you down the Rabbit Hole! If you ever do manage to climb out and see the sun again you are sure to never see the world through rose colored glasses again! Patrick Mitchell has his priorities straight, but what good does that do when everyone around him is so oblivious? Will he ever “wake up” from this nightmare? Will they?


As Americans gradually become less involved and turn a blind eye to the degradation of our Constitution and civil rights, we allow ourselves to be manipulated for the sake of security and comfort.”

The author will draw you in from the first sentence. From family, to politics, to our tainted food supply and obesity, to the media, to gun control, to morality, to flat out ignorance, and more watch as the question of why an entire generation has been lost becomes apparent before your eyes. The book begins by setting a scene that provides you with a sense of calm, even though you are already aware of a problem lying in wait.

Patrick Mitchell’s love for his son, Luke, is immense in this book. It reminded me of the way my grandson, Gauge, “shrieks with joy” each time he sees his Pap-pap, Matt. Reading the scenes with Patrick and Luke will remind you how a Father is supposed to love a Son.

The discussions over the breakfast table concerning the leading news headlines reminded me of growing up in my grandparents house as a kid. We would rush to the table where my granddad, Popeye, would throw out random questions and comments about the things reported in the newspaper of the day. I always imagined my family would be that way one day as well. I had to stop reading and get some breakfast when I started reading about the “awesome breakfastPatrick made his wife, Stephanie, and his son, Luke. I loved that he involved his son in the preparation of the meal by letting him watch while he beat the eggs. I’ve always believed it’s important to cook with your kids.


Fuck you cooperate America. Fuck you for bombarding our youth with milkshakes an French fries – weapons of mass destruction.”

It doesn’t take long for the mood of the book to shift from a Norman Rockwell Painting into Reality ! Soon after expressing admiration for a singer who uses the “f-word” with “emotion and eloquence” the author begins emoting the word and it’s attitude freely toward many of the world’s woes and transformations. It’s the way many of us feel, but never have the guts to say anything about it. I can just imagine how much harder it must be for someone who has served the Military . Seeing things like that must make them wonder, at least sometimes, what and who they are fighting for. Thank God Patrick Mitchell has Luke and Stephanie.

Priority by Aaron Powell Five Star Review

I love that the author points out some of the annoyances of everday life that drive me crazy; people with their noses in their cellphones ( I refuse to even own a cellphone! ), not bothering to show up on time (therefore wasting my time and that of others!), and even the blatant disregard for the consequences of one’s actions until it becomes an inconvenience (cue the whining!)! It is as if manners were never taught to the upcoming generation.


Everything is for sale, even our patriotism. Walmart sells us our patriotism.”

When I read Patrick’s rant on how buying a “yellow ‘support the troops’” bumper sticker doesn’t do a “damn thing” for service members and if they really want to support the troops they should start by telling Veterans that they “appreciate their service” or “send them a care package” I wanted to buy enough copies of the book to leave one under the windshield of every car I saw with that sticker at the grocery store!

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Years ago my friend, who also has MS, sent me and my family a bunch of Red Bracelets to wear in support of finding a cure. I wore mine for a few days and then into the jewelry box it went not to be seen for years. Time passed and I was offered choices to purchase pink, yellow, blue, green, the colors and causes of these bracelets were never ending. I took out my dusty Red Bracelet and wore it proudly only to find out Red Bracelet’s now represents millions of causes and not just MS. What was the point? Even worse, none of the money from the sale of those bracelets ever went to any MS cause. Needless to say, I don’t indulge in this type of “support” anymore.


“…you want to fix the debt problem for America, revoke religious tax exemption across the board. Treat the churches like businesses, that’s what they really are anyway.”

The truth is that churches enjoy tax exempt status because it is their responsibility to care for the indigent, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and treat the ill when they cannot care for themselves. On paper this sounds lovely. The church provides society with needed services and in return a great burden is lifted from the shoulders of the community. Now if the churches were keeping their end of the bargain I’d be on their side, but the mere existence of entitlement programs, such as; welfare, food stamps, public housing, Medicaid, and more proves that the churches have progressed passed their original purpose and into a new phase. A new phase in which they should pay taxes by-the-way!


I don’t want my children growing up surrounded by conformist zombies, with the mental capacity of a box of crayons, who are too distracted by the media to form their own thoughts and opinions.”

…and “Jumping Jesus on a Pogo stick” if I’m not angry this book ran out of pages!


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