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AND THEN THE END WILL COME - But Five Things You Need to Know in the Meantime by Brandon Andress

May 6, 2013

AND THEN THE END WILL COME!: But Five Things You Need to Know in the Meantime by Brandon Andress

Heartfelt thanks to both Brandon Andress and GoodReads for my FREE COPY of the book AND THEN THE END WILL COME!: But Five Things You Need to Know in the Meantime. I was the lucky winner in the GoodReads Giveaway and appreciate the opportunity to read and review this enlightening and hilarious novel very much.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this little ditty to Christians, Non-Believers, End Times Enthusiasts, Cynics, Over Zealous Sleuth Sayers, Preppers, Anti-Christ Seekers, Talk Show Hosts, Cult Leaders, Preachers, Priests, Future Leaders of the World, and Everyone Else to whom the afore mentioned does not apply! Anyone who reads it will enjoy the light hearted humor, the informative (but not preach-y!) text, and simple to follow writing style. I think everyone could find something to get out of this book, from; Alex Jones, to Glenn Beck, to Jon Stewart, to President Obama, to Benjamin Netanyahu, to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… whew! I could go on forever! Hey, maybe we should send them all a copy?

I don’t want to give away any of the book’s secrets, but I will say that no matter what you think you are getting with this book, you’re not. I love surprises! This was a definite one!


We seek after those who seem to have an insider’s take on what to expect, how to prepare, and what to buy.

We are especially drawn to those who seem to have special insight into deciphering the symbols and language of esoteric and ancient texts.

When I won the book I immediately wrote to Brandon Andress and emphatically thanked him. I was so ecstatic! Of course, I thought I was getting a big checklist of what every religious text on earth said about the last days. A virtual, “What Jesus Had to Say about the End Times for Dummies”, of sorts. Instead I received a roller-coaster ride inside the mind of a Real Christian, a True Believer.

Being someone who abhors the concept of organized religion as a whole, but not the concept of a deity (or deities) respectively, warming up this much to a biblical text for me was almost enough of a miracle for me to dig up a number for the Vatican and nominate Brandon Andress for Sainthood. I just can’t drive home the point of how immense this event really truly is, the man deserves at least a metal!

Think about how many groups, and individuals, in the past have declared the End Times were upon us and they indeed had, or in some cases “have”, all the answers you seek. Brandon Andress isn’t trying to be anyone’s savior. He is trying to keep things in perspective and look and things in, what some may consider, a new light.

Forget the over-the-top predictions you’ve heard before, such as; Harold Camping, The Mayan Calendar, The Seekers, William Miller and the Millerites, Heaven’s Gate, Shoko Asahara, Y2K, and more. That is nowhere near the message Brandon Andress is trying to convey. If it were the brand of crazy he was selling, I wouldn’t be buying!

A well-educated man, MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University and BA in Psychology from Hanover College, Brandon Andress’ work has been featured by Relevant Magazine, Faith Village, and Blessed Earth among others. I don’t know him, and he didn’t tell me that, I just snooped on the web to get some background on the guy. He has also served as an elder and teaching pastor at The Living Room Church in Columbus, Indiana. If you want to you can keep up to date with what Brandon Andress is working on by following his Blog.

Brandon Andress is also the author of UNEARTHED: How Discovering the Kingdom of God Will Transform the Church and Change the World. I have not read it yet, but intend too if it is anywhere as good as this book is.


It’s like telling my kids a story about how important it is to be loving and kind and pure from the inside toward others… and then ending it by saying, ‘Treating other this way is as sweet as ice cream.’

You know that they are going to focus on that sweet, creamy addition at the end!

The only thing that frustrated me about the book is that because of its lack of subtlety, I think many people will miss the message. Much like the kids and the ice cream, they will read about java toward the end of the story and become sidetracked. Unintentional delete. By-the-way, I like my coffee black, but when I go to Starbucks I can’t resist their Macchiato. Then again, I see the inside of a Starbucks maybe twice a year!


Here we are… living and breathing… smack dab in the middle of our own story, and all of a sudden we become more preoccupied with trying to figure out how it ends than how we are going to live presently.

We neglect the 150 pages in the middle.

Busted! When I first received my copy of AND THEN THE END WILL COME!: But Five Things You Need to Know in the Meantime in the mail I poured myself a drink, turned off the television, shut the door to my room, and cozied up for a read very different to what I got. When I was only a page or two in I was so upset that the book was not what I had built it up to be in my mind that I skipped to the back and started reading the chapter labeled “conclusion”. After reading the final 30 or 40 pages of the book I settled down enough to give it a chance and started from the beginning. I almost lost it when just a few pages in the author called me on my sh*t! I had definitely neglected the 150 pages in the middle! Sorry about that.


I haven’t heard one person talk about the importance of being people who are not worried and who are not alarmed, frightened, or troubled, not just presently, but when it gets really crazy and chaotic.

Not everyone out there is looking to be Chicken Little. I am not a Christian, but I watch them on TV! I personally think Jack Van Impe does a pretty good job of spreading the “just chill” and “don’t worry, be happy” vibe in all states of calm and chaos. That is, In-between peddling the latest New World Order conspiracy DVD anyway. If you don’t know, Jack Leo Van Impe is a televangelist who is known for his half-hour weekly television series Jack Van Impe Presents, an eschatological commentary on the news of the week through his interpretation of the Bible.

I hate to say it, but Brandon Andress will not be successful in changing many people’s “God-in-a-box” mentality with this book, but if it reaches even one person, and it has, it’s done its job.

Please Buy a Copy of AND THEN THE END WILL COME!: But Five Things You Need to Know in the Meantime by Brandon Andress on Amazon Now!

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