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Mirrored Race Swim Goggles #AegendGoggles

Mirrored Race Swim Goggles #AegendGogglesThe little ones that I watch LOVE to go swimming! They spent the entire summer at the pool. They go to a public pool though and it can be a bacteria farm so everytime their eyes open wide under the water they get irritated , red, and sore.

My lil' man Jorden is my biggest sun doggy. He tried ditching the goggles for sunglasses, but he'd come home with red eyes every day! The mirrored lenses on my complimentary Aegend Goggles reflect bright sunlight away from the eyes giving the user a clear view of his or her surroundings without the distortion that light can cause with cheaper lenses. Aegend lenses give the swimmer a crystal clear view -- perfect for a relaxing dip in the water and for hard core water competitions alike! No more blindness cause by the sharp glare of sunlight on the water's surface!

Now Jorden doesn't have to choose between glasses and goggles, he can wear them both at the same time! The high quality polycarbonate lenses offer excellent protection from harmful UV rays and the silicone clasp and straps are easily adjustable from both sides with a simple pull of the strap! That is so fantastic for kids!

AegendGoggles fit around your eyes for a perfect, water tight seal without high pressure for a comfortable and natural experience. The thick, plush gasket will seal perfectly around a wide variety of facial sizes and contours!


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