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#Allprovide is the BEST way to FEED my BIG eaters! #dogs

All Natural DogFoodHow much do you really love you pets? This blog took me to a whole new level of foil hat wearing conspiracy theory screaming nut baggery and I can't wait to lay it all out for you...

World-famous Doctors of Veterinary Medicine agree that ANY dog that eats big-brand commercial dog food is at risk of dying, DYING, prematurely. By the time symptoms become noticeable there is no way to prevent an agonizing DEATH for the animal because the poisons have already done too much internal damage. The only humane solution is lethal injection.

Enhanced Formula Complete Doggy FoodWe've known for years now that the government wants to begin their plans for human population control; putting fluoride in our water, causing ramped Diabetes by filling foods with corn syrup, adding cancer causing dyes (like RED-40) to our food supply, and creating mandatory vaccines that leave people sick or dead. Who knew they were going to try to target our furry friends too!

This is why my dogs and cats ONLY get PURIFIED REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER to drink, NEVER Tap Water! It is also why, when I can't make their food myself, I use food from a company I trust. I trust Allprovide!

Allprovide's fresh dog food is made from all-natural, restaurant quality ingredients. The food can be served naturally (raw) or cooked in its microwavable pouches, but I like to cook it on the stove or over a campfire. It comes frozen and should be refrigerated upon arrival. ‚ÄčIt is shipped in styrofoam, I know some people won't like that; but it's shape makes it reusable as a cooler, planter, or in some other awesome upcycle way!

Fresh Frozen Dog Cat FoodThere is variety too! The meal options include: chicken, turkey or beef. Best of all the recipes are gluten free, grain free and soy free for dogs sensitive to allergies. It is a natural, healthy alternative to highly processed, pre-packaged kibbles that are made with chemicals, dyes, and byproducts. 

The widespread disease and death of dogs from nutritionally inadequate and poison-laden commercial dog food is no longer a secret! Allprovide dog food uses only USDA select meats and USDA grade A poultry. They blend these together with wholesome, fresh vegetables and all natural ingredients to produce balanced complete meals that meet the AAFCO guidelines for nutrition. Allprovide foods are based on the Bone and Raw food diet, but made convenient and safe.

Allprovide is Made in America!
Allprovide is made with human grade, restaurant quality ingredients!
Allprovide's goal is to make the best pet foods possible!

Allprovide is based out of Norcross, Georgia where they’ve invested $2 million in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility. The fresh ingredients come from select Georgia farmers and farmers’ markets and all of the food is triple-tested for quality.

My original 8lbs. order of Allprovide doggy food was a mix of Beef and Chicken flavors that the dogs just adored. Even though Allprovide provided me with these samples in return for my honest opinions on their product, I will now be a lifelong customer. Baby Blu (my Doberman Pinscher and Shepherd Mix) and her son Sir Duke (my Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Bull Mastiff Mix) and I highly recommend Allprovide!

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