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Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop #OVSBabyBathScoop

Baby BathScoopBeing a Mom is a really hard job! I don't know about anyone else, but I'll take all the help I can get, no matter how BIG or how SMALL! That's why when I heard about a product that could Make Bath Time Clean Up a Breeze I had to know more! With the Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop clean up is Fast & Efficient!

My grandson leaves a ton of toys in the tub, so the large storage capacity on the Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop allows me to pick up, store, and dry all of his play things quickly and without worry of mold or mildew. The durable suction cup wall mount is easy to install and uninstall too!

Toddler Baby Bath ScoopIf we don't stay on-top o things my grandson's toys will take over the bathroom. Many of the current storage solutions do not include adequate air circulation to prevent both toys and storage containers from becoming moldy. Toys are not cheap now-a-days and I don't want to trow them all out, but I don't want to keep things that are unsafe either! The Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop bath organizer makes bath toy clean up as easy as child's play:

- Toys are stored within easy reach at the side of the bathtub or shower.
- The innovative scoop design allows for efficient drainage and air circulation to dry and protect toys when not in use.

Bath Time Toy ScooperThe unisex purple and green colors make this a great product for both boys & girls. Two of my favorite colors anyway! This popular bath scoop also makes a great present for baby showers, new mums and toddler birthday parties!

The Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop can also be used as an efficient space saver for adults' shampoo, shower gel and bath products! It is Baby & Environmentally Friendly; BPA, Phthalate & PVC-Free; and there is NO wasteful cardboard or plastic used in the product packaging.


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