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Premium Dark Organic #CocoaPowder from Fine Naturals

cocoa powder by fine naturalsWorking with the Cacao Powder by Fine Naturals is wonderful!

  • - No Clumping
  • - Never Bitter
  • - Unique Flavor Profile
  • - No Gritty Mouth Feel
  • - Notes of Vanilla & Caramel
  • - Delicious!
  • - Hailed as a Super Food (a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being)
  • - Part of a RAW Diet
  • - non-GMO Project Verified
  • - Gluten Free
  • - Vegan Friendly

Premium Dark Organic #CocoaPowder from Fine NaturalsFine Naturals provided me with a complimentary sample and in return I agreed to share my results of working with their product.

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Studies have shown that Dark Chocolate helps to Improves Brain Function. My MS causes me cognitive and memory issues that I enjoy using this sweet treat to combat!

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and reduces clogged artery congestion, thus lowering the risks of heart attacks and strokes. It does this by co-creating nitric oxide (NO), a proven blood vessel vasodilator. Dark chocolate’s cacao is also high in magnesium, which also contributes heavily to heart health. Most people are magnesium deficient, by the way.

Cocoa polyphenols from dark chocolate reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

The fat in chocolate is abundant oleic acid, the type of fatty acid found in olive oil which helps prevent heart disease and promote antioxidant activity. Other healthy fats in cacao are stearic acid and palmitic acid. Just avoid milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate (70% plus cacao) candy inhibits blood sugar issues to help prevent diabetes and obesity. Surprising, eh? You can find dark chocolate candy bars that are as high as 90% cacao. Once you get over the addicted taste with those cheap milk chocolate candies, you’ll find dark chocolate so tasty you won’t go back to those other candies.

Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains serotonin and increases endorphin production. It’s a natural anti-depressant.

There are three (3) types of Cacao Powder in the world; Criollo (Pure), Forastero (Hybrid), and Trinitario (a Mix of Criollo and Forastero).

Premium Dark Organic #CocoaPowder from Fine NaturalsThe first time you taste Fine Naturals Cacao Powder you will have no doubt that it is made from the very best cacao beans that can be found on this planet. Period.

When Criollo cocoa beans are grown at an high altitude they are referred to as "Arriba". They are still Criollo, but a better quality. Arriba is often hailed as the "emperor of Cacao beans". Their unique flavor and delicate aroma, honoring the true essence of good rich dark chocolate, is unlike more commonly found cheaper commercial cocoa products.

Premium Dark Organic #CocoaPowder from Fine NaturalsCacao Powder from FineNaturals is made from Amazonian Arriba cacao beans.

Fine Naturals highly sought after Amazonian Criollo Organic Cocoa Powder is now available on Amazon!

This delicious super food will transform your smoothies, desserts and other treats. Our raw organic cocoa powder is unique, creamy and smooth, full of rich chocolate flavor. It has no bitter taste or gritty mouth feel. Retaining all its purity, Fine Naturals cocoa is non-GMO project verified, gluten free and vegan friendly.

This luscious natural food is a wonderful chocolatey delight to incorporate into your daily diet as health conscious consumers.  Don't miss out, enjoy good health!

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