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Yoga Mat Strap by #FiveFourTen

Yoga Mat Strap by #FiveFourTenWhen I leave the Yoga Studio, I always feel like carrying all the stuff to my car is more like carrying my luggage thru the airport for a three week VaCa! I reall NEED an easier way to carry my mat with without all the bulk!

The oDor coming from this sports stuff isn't pleasant either. The mat just sits in the corner some days collecting the sweat smells of the gym , not to mention the bacteria! Hanging it from a mat strap is the best solution, usually, but they're flimsy, badly made, ugly, uncomfy, they rip, and they're way over-priced!

Yoga Mat Strap by #FiveFourTenI LoVe this eXtremely durable Yoga Mat Strap!
- You can't beat the amazing 6 month warranty!
- Using this strap helps my mat to air out and reduce odor and bacteria. My mat smells better and so does my car after dragging home my mat after class!
- This strap is wickedly lightweight and easy to carry. but it's also incredibly durable!
- The reinforced design feels secure and is obviously extremely durable.
- I am short, so I like the cinch that can be loosened or tightened to fit any size person and/or mat.


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