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Kids iPad Case

kids ipad caseIt took me forever to fing just the right tablet for my grandson, but I think it took twice as long to find just the right case! The best case I've found, the one that has everything, that is cheap, and is DURABLE is the Guided Kids iPad Case produced by the American brand Apple Pie USA!

The iPad case from Guided Products is a great design. You can leave it blank, and keep the iPad case's professional, sleek look. Or you can have your young people customize any way they like to become the best kids iPad case you can imagine.

kids ipad caseMade in the USA from recycled cardboard, this cheap ipad case is 100% recyclable, no landfill required and costs a fraction of what other ipad cases do.

Guided Products got it right with this, not just a great kids iPad case, it's fantastic and cheap for students who like to draw, and any-age designers who want to customize their look of their iPad case. This cheap iPad case costs less than any other iPad case on the market.

  • Fits 2nd Generation iPad and later
  • Sold in a 3-Pack for that low price!
  • Recyclable
  • Customizable

Designed to last 6-12 weeks, however many people like to swap out more often for new personalization. Also available in White.

Made in the USA: Seattle, WA
I received one of these in return for this review.


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