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Using Muscle Roller Ball Set for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #kingathletic

Using Muscle Roller Ball Set for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #kingathleticOne of the primary complications I suffer from, because of my Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is numbness (or tingling) in the body’s extremities. When your hands are affected, everyday tasks (writing, typing, dressing, and grasping objects) becomes difficult. Unfortunately there is no way to fix the problem either!

All is not lost! Medication won’t relieve the numbness, but it can help if it turns into pain. You can exercise to maintain the strength you have and recover a bit of your abilities (depending on the type of MS you have). Hand exercises for MS can help you maintain or improve hand function.

Using Muscle Roller Ball Set for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #kingathleticIf you don't mind spending a little money, you can explore the wide array of massage tools available for purchase in specialty stores and online. Some work better than others, but it's best to go with one's that have proven results, like products from King Athletic.

I have severe neuropathy in my hands, to the extent that there is no feeling what-so-ever. I use the Muscle Roller Ball Set by King Athletic to workout my hands (fingers). It improves my dexterity, flexibility, and even allows some amount of feeling to return temporarily.

Using Muscle Roller Ball Set for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #kingathleticIf you wanna know what I feel like all the time, take latex gloves and put on about 10 pairs. That's my life. At least with exercise I can remove a few pairs of gloves for awhile and that makes it all worth it!

I LOVE that my Muscle Roller Ball Set by King Athletic come in the MS colors, but they are available in other colors too! I received my set as a gift from the company and agreed that in return for their generosity I would tell everyone my honest opinions about their products. I would recommend Muscle Roller Ball Set by King Athletic

  • free carry case included
  • relieves still muscles
  • allows for deep tissue massage
  • can use alone or with assistance
  • firmer than tennis balls
  • able to withstand repetitive heavy duty use
  • sleek feel and design
  • can provide both relief and fitness
  • donation made to prostate and breast cancer research with every purchase
  • better than money back guarantee


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