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MAGnet Gun CaddyEXPIRES: 08/23/2015

The whole family packed up and took a trip out to our little hunting cottage a few weekends ago. We barely had room for any of the guns after packing everyone's things! As I loaded a few of the firearms securely in our vehicle it was obvious that they were going to roll around if we took turns sharply or made sudden stops.

In the past I would have wedged something heavy on each side to keep the guns from shuffling about, but that can be dangerous. Without a proper gun rack, sometimes, you can feel like you are left with little choices!

MAGnet Gun Caddy sent me a sample of their product in exchange for sharing my honest opinion about their product. By adding a few additional MAGnet Gun Caddys to the mix I was able to create a temporary gun rack in my car and transport my firearms safely!

They are strong easy to use! I'd highly recommend them!

MAGnet Gun Caddy

MAGnet Gun CaddyA Smarter Way to Rest Your Gun! 

The patented MAGnet Gun Caddy conveniently secures your gun when you need to temporarily set it down. Small enough to fit in your vest pocket, it holds just about any gun upright against your vehicle, gun safe, or any surface with metal. The compact, lightweight, single gun design, makes it truly portable and provides safe space between firearms and individuals. Its modular design makes it easy to line up several for multiple guns in a small space like a gun locker at any height or distance apart that you want or need. The MAGnet Gun Caddy provides maximum flexibility and utility for hunters and gun enthusiasts looking for a safer, more secure way to rest their gun. It's a Smarter Way to Rest Your Gun! 

WIN a MAGnet Gun Caddy!

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