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The #PurselessPurse and #WristBling

Bracelet Mate Bracelet Mate® small bracelet purce bag packCanale Originals introduces Bracelet Mate®

It is so hard to keep track of your cell phone, ID, credit cards, cash, lipstick and a key when you go out dancing, your hanging out with friends, or your at a crowded nightclub! There is NO WAY your going to lug around a purse to events like this either, even if it is designer! What's a gurl to to?

A smart girl like you gets a Bracelet Mate®!

Bracelet Mate® combines beautiful beaded bracelets with a mini wrist wallet that is capable of carrying your cellphone, ID, credit cards, cash, lipstick and a key. When worn, the wallet sits discreetly on the inside of your wrist  no one knows you have it on, but you always know where your belongings are!

I wear my Bracelet Mate® everywhere! The wide selection of designs allows me to dress up or dress down with my Bracelet Mate® there is one for every occasion!

brace braceletmate mate braceketmate bracelet purse packBracelet Mate® is great for evening activities, the beach, shopping, traveling, sport activities and anytime you don't want to carry around your purse!

I received my Bracelet Mate® in exchange for sharing my honest opinion with everyone on what I think of the product. Other than some sharp edges that are easily taped or filed down I think Bracelet Mate®is a wonderful quality product!

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