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Sometimes You Just Wanna Be Seen! #ReflectiveVest

Adjustable Reflective Vest Ohuhu® Adjustable Reflective Vest
Safety Vest

with High Visibility for
Running, Cycling, and Walking

You're seriously hard to miss when you're out running around in this Ohuhu® Adjustable Reflective Vest!

When I was in middle school there was a group of us, hand picked, that was responsible for directing the traffic and the children before and after school. We were the crossing guards! We had to wear reflective equipment of all kinds to stay safe. I think the Ohuhu® Adjustable Safety Vest would have been a lot more comfortable than many of the crazy uniforms they made us wear, lol!

Adjustable Reflective VestI would love to see more kids, and bikers, wearing these on the road. I believe that it would reduce accident rates and save lives!

This Ohuhu® Safety Vest is crafted with high reflective material, which provides 360 degrees visibility to ensures your safety. Also, this vest is adjustable for most personal requirements. Stay safe while you workout at any hour of the day or night when you wear this Ohuhu® Adjustable Reflective Vest.

Adjustable Reflective VestSpecifications:
-Material: Elastic Fabric
-Waist Band Circumference: 32 -52 inches
-Shoulder Straps Size: 16 -23 inches

I was supposed to receive an Ohuhu® Adjustable Reflective Safety Vest at no or reduced cost in return for sharing my honest opinion of the product. Unfortunately, I never received a product.  



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