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FitWellYou #ResistanceBands Set

FitWellYou Resistance Band Set In addition to improving overall health, cardiovascular fitness, range of motion, and flexibility, exercise can help one increase energy, improve balance, manage spasticity, decrease muscle atrophy, and better perform activities of daily living.
- The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability

In the summer it's easy for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) warriors to hit a wall. The heat can take us down in seconds! Even though we might be straddled with a cane, a wheelchair, or be stuck in the house exercise is VERY IMPORTANT!

FitWellYou Resistance Band SetWorking out at home is cheap, convenient, and darn easy. Since MS can make even getting out of the house tricky at times, take advantage of staying in (where you can regulate the temperature yourself) and doing what you can. Some light free weights, a set of resistance bands, and a mat can make all the difference.

I like using FitWellYou Resistance Bands. They come in a set of 3 (Light, Med and Heavy) making it simple to adjust the resistance to your strength level. It also includes a Door Anchor and Bonus Starter Exercise Guide.

FitWellYou Resistance Band Set5 piece set includes:
- 1 Yellow "Light" (approx 10 lb) Resistance Band 
- 1 Red "Medium" (approx 13 lb) Resistance Band 
- 1 Blue "Heavy" (approx 16 lb) Resistance Band 
- 1 Premium Door Anchor 
- 1 Starter Exercise Guide

Each Band is approx 5 ft long and 5 inches wide. It's silly but I keep my unused band in the kitchen because it rocks for opening jars! I'll never have to ask a man to open anything for me again! The Band exact measurements are: (59 inches x 4.72 inches), (150 cm x 12 cm).

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