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3 Pack Girls Pacifier Clips in Pink and Grey #savvybaby

3 Pack Girls Pacifier Clips in Pink and Grey #savvybabyI am the jealous auntie with a litter of boys, and a dream of a gurl! I just wanna dress them up and show their cuteness off all over town! One of my niece and mine's FAVE accessories is a SavvyBaby Two (2) Sided Girls Pacifier Clip. They're not just there to add flare to stunning outfits, they keep toys, pacifiers, and/or teethers germ free by keeping them off the floor!

3 Pack Girls Pacifier Clips in Pink and Grey #savvybabyThese clips are so cute it's FUN to mix and match them with different outfits! I am constantly amazed with the items available for kids today. I wish these were avail when my kids were small, because THEY ARE AVAIL FOR BOYS TOO!

Pacifier Clips that Really Work! #savvybabyThese clips have patterns specifically designed with a little girl in mind. They are safe with high quality cotton and nickel free metal clips. And they come as a set of three for a great price. They don't need to be just used as a pacifier clip - one end has a loop and one end has a clip. They can easily be washed without any deterioration in product.

3 Pack Girls Pacifier Clips in Pink and Grey #savvybabyWhen I think about the huge amount of pacifiers a mom goes through, it makes Savvy Baby 3 Pack of Girls Pacifier Clips (in Pink and Grey) even more economical! What a great NEW MOM Gift!

I received a complimentary pack of clips from SavvyBaby in return for sharing how they worked for me.


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