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ScandiXtender Selfie Stick Video Review #ScandiPow

ScandiXtender Selfie Stick Video Review #ScandiPowI LoVe using my ScandiPow Selfie Stick Monopod to take the best photos of my life! Sometimes I even feel like a professional photographer! Things I LoVe about my SelfieStick:

  • - It's really durable! I have dropped it, kicked it, really abused it and it is still in great shape!
  • - The set-up is simple! I hate complicated tech stuff, this is simple and easy.
  • - Easy to carry with me. Fits nicely in my purse.
  • - Nothing to download!
  • - It's compatible with just about everything, so my friends can use it too. It can go from one device to another seemlessly.

ScandiXtender Selfie Stick Video Review #ScandiPowThe ScandiXtender Selfie Stick is extremely well made; It has a solid pole (does not bend easily), The grip feature secures the phone tightly, It fits a wide variety of phones (I tried a Moto X, Moto G, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 Mini, and a Windows Phone), The Selfie Stick did not just hold phones it also held a FLIP Camera and a traditional camera.

I was lucky enough to receive a ScandiXtender Selfie Stick in exchange for doind a honest review of this ScandiPow product. I think the easiest way to take a "SELFIE" is with the ScandiPow Selfie Stick Monopod, it is extendable over 2 1/2 feet, it's wireless, and small enough to fit in your pocket! This sleek and fashion forward Selfie Stick with a built in Bluetooth Remote Button is exclusivly designed JUST FOR YOU to TAKE THE BEST SELFIES! TAKE YOUR SELFIE GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH THIS EXTENDABLE SELFIE STICK!

ScandiXtender Selfie Stick Video Review #ScandiPowLooking for the perfect way to take breathtaking selfies?
Tired of asking strangers to capture the shot when taking group photos?
Want something portable that you can easily travel with?

Get prepared for tons of LIKES, because ScandiPow's extendable selfie stick is certain to add some pizzazz to your photos!

Being able to extend to a maximum of 81cm, this self-portrait monopod is sure to produce some stunning selfies. When you're done surprising yourself with your good looks, you can effortlessly compress it down to just 18cm, place it in your pocket or bag, and get on your way. Talk about portability! The phone clamp also rotates 270∞, allowing you to get that perfect angle for the shot. Always.You'll be stunned at how easy the selfie stick is to use. Simply synch it to your phone via Bluetooth, which happens almost instantly, and you're done. No need for lengthy software installations. This wireless remote shutter is compatible with most smartphones and Bluetooth devices, and its ergonomic design takes the hassle out of taking selfies.

ScandiXtender Selfie Stick Video Review #ScandiPowIts notable benefits include:
* Unbelievably durable and compact, being able to extend from 18 to 81cm.
* Very easy to use with no software installations and seamless Bluetooth connectivity.
* Incredibly light, with a non-slip grip and 270∞ rotating clamp making it as ergonomic as they come.
* Compatibility with iPhone, Android and most other Bluetooth devices.

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