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Snug Silicone Baby Bibs 3 Pack #amazonreview

Snug Silicone Baby Bibs 3 Pack My grandson is a mess when he eats! He is new to solids, but I have raised more kids than I have fingers and toes and I've NEVER seen a kid spit like this!

Snug baby bib to the rescue!

I love that these easy to clean lifesavers come in multipacks, because I run thru them like water, yet a little water is all I need to get them clean! I can easily adjust the neck straps so they don't, pull or tug, the also can fit SNUG to keep his outfit neat and tidy!

  • easy to clean
  • great colors
  • fantastic customer service
  • beautiful fit
  • well constructed
  • safe to use
  • lifetime warranty

With the news' constant fear mongering it forces us to always have baby's safety in the forefront of our minds. That's why all materials used in the manufacturing of the baby bib set are FDA approved. It's easy to rest assured that the top experts have reviewed all the materials and judged them 100% safe.

I received my Snug Silicone Baby Bibs 3 Pack in exchange for doing an honest Amazon review. I would recommend Snug Silicone Baby Bibs 3 Pack.


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