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Washable Overall Dog Diaper Reeview

dog dogs puppy puppies furry friendsThese dog diapers are fleece lined and made from 100% washable cotton, denim (jeans material), and suede. The waistband is adjustable with a velcro fastener and leg contours are made with elastic. The lining has an adhesive sanitary napkin for added protection. I was provided a Washable Overall Dog Diaper at no cost in return for a fair and honest review.

dog dogs puppy puppies furry friendsIt took a long time for my dog to be okay wearing the Washable Overall Dog Diaper. It is bulky an I think was causing my doggy to get hot. That said, while I wouldn't use the Washable Overall Dog Diaper for pee-pee accidents, I'd use again and again while my little girl is in heat! It kept blood stains outta my couch, and boy dogs outta my princess!

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