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Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight #Zitradesnightlightforkids

Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight #ZitradesnightlightforkidsZitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight

My grandson is a little older than most kids who use a nightlight, but that's okay, he loves his Rainbow Nightlight from Zitrades no matter how old he gets! The soft light provided from the smiley face and pastel colored arches help Gauge to fall asleep without fearing the dark! He likes the bedtime story from that it reminds him of, his Pap-Pap tells him Bible stories at night and Gauge's favorite is about Noah and the rainbow.

“Never again will I destroy the world with a flood. I make this covenant with you and with all creatures. From this day on, there will always come a time for planting, and a time for gathering up what was planted. Day will always follow night, the warm days of summer will always follow the cold and snow of winter,as long as the earth shall be."
- The Bible, Genesis 9:8-16

Zitrades Baby Night Light Rainbow Toddler Nightlight #ZitradesnightlightforkidsThe light from the Zitrades Night Light is bright enough to offer comfort, but soft enough not to keep sleepy young eyes distracted or awake. The glow makes a perfect guide for parents looking to check-in on their little ones and allows for a great path when older kids need to find the bathroom in the middle of the night in the darkness!

You can choose between a LIGHT or a VOICE sensor control, we use light because we leave on the TV all the time, this way the Rainbow Night Light will turn on automatically in darkness (or be activated by sound when set to voice). There are no batteries to replace, or bulbs to put in, the 3 super bright energy efficient white LEDs the come pre-installed burn bright for long hours with no need for replacement!


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