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Myachi Original Hand Sack

Catch it, kick it, flip it and stick it!  Do you review and blog about the latest toy crazes sweeping the nation?  If so, then you'll love the Myachi Original Hand Sack!

Myachi combines the fluid hand motions of martial arts with the old school fun of hacky sack.  Simple enough for grade schoolers to get the hang of within minutes, the Myachi will also challenge the most skilled varsity athletes.

Available in a rainbow of colors, there's a perfect Myachi for everyone.  And with the all new, kids can learn the latest tricks, create a virtual Myachi collection, compete against friends in the Jam Cam battle zone, and much more!

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This Product Was a Free Giveaway

This Product Was a Free Giveaway

This Contest is Now CLOSED. Thank You, to All Who Participated. Please Feel Free to Enter Some of Our New Giveaways!

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