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The Bay Area earthquake never felt - 4.1 in Milpitas

There are reports of a Bay Area earthquake never felt that was a 4.1 on the Richter Scale, described as a "medium-sized earthquake" and centered in Milpitas. A slew of reports claim the tembler hit this morning, but it can't be of much importance because only now are people searching for information about it and its almost 6 PM PST.

There are many earthquakes that strike the Bay Area and California on a regular basis ranging from 2 to 4 in size and up and down the coast. The only special thing about this one is it put Milpitas on the map.

Maybe it engineered the whole thing.

Kind of like Perez Hilton picking fights with celebrities, just on a much larger scale. And perhaps its the only way Congress and the Federal Government will give massively broke California the additional economic stimulus money the state badly needs.

Hate to think it takes an earthquake to get the Feds attention, but one has to wonder these days.

The earthquake didn't get everyone' attention; some of us were still asleep. Soundly.

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