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Charlie Sheen Releases Statement

Charlie Sheen thanked his bosses, co-stars and fans for their support Wednesday, hours after authorities released a 911 call in which a doctor described the actor as "very, very intoxicated" and in pain.

Sheen's thanks come as his off-camera antics, which led to a trip to the hospital last week and a…

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WikiLeaks: Al-Qaeda Could Unleash ‘Nuclear 9/11′

According to reports from the UK’s Daily Telegraph and Vancouver Sun, a number of leaked diplomatic cables warn that the terrorist group Al-Qaeda may be on the verge of producing nuclear weapons after securing radioactive materials and rogue scientists to help carry out their deadly mission.


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Ground Zero Mosque Builders Apply for $5 Million From 9/11 Rebuilding Fund

An artists rendering of the Ground Zero Mosque.Developers behind the controversial Ground Zero Mosque are trying to secure $5 million from a federal fund dedicated to rebuilding Lower Manhattan after 9/11, the Daily Beast reports.

The fund contains taxpayer dollars, the report says, and those behind the mosque are trying to secure that money …

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Deal settles most lawsuits over WTC toxic dust

In this Sept. 13, 2001 file photo, firefighters and emergency personnel remove debris from the … NEW YORK – A deal reached by New York City and workers exposed to toxic dust that blanketed ground zero after Sept. 11 will resolve an overwhelming majority of the lawsuits over the city's failure to provide protective equipment to the responders.

More than 10,000 construction workers, police offic…

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George W. Bush Recalls Katrina, Racism, and 9/11 in Leaked Lauer Interview

Matt Lauer interviews George W. Bush for an upcoming special. (Photo via Mediaite)In a leaked transcript of Matt Lauer’s upcoming interview with George W. Bush, the former president recounts his anger over being recalled a “racist” after Hurricane Katrina, and describes what he was thinking when he first heard America was under attack on 9/11.

In the excerpts leaked tod…

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O’Reilly Was Right About Muslims Attacking on 9/11 Says…Bill Maher

Global Warming Chosen as Word of Decade

"Global warming" is the word of the decade, according to the Global Language Monitor, as the term weighed heavily over both international political discourse and helped popularize the green movement.

The list of the Top 25 words contains a number that reflect the decade's challenges and tragedies — …

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