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TSA Has Met the Enemy…and It Is Us

How did an agency created to protect the public become the target of so much public scorn?

After nine years of funneling travelers into ever longer lines with orders to have shoes off, sippy cups empty and laptops out for inspection, the most surprising thing about increasingly heated frustrat…

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Airport Security Crackdown: TSA Warns Jail, $11,000 Fines for Non-Compliance

While President Barack Obama tries to reassure airline security passengers’ uneasiness over new, more invasive security checks at the nation’s airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is doubling-down, warning that air passengers who refuse to pass through full-body scanne…

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TSA: Pilots to be exempt from some airport checks

WASHINGTON – The Transportation Security Administration says airline pilots will be allowed to skip some physical security checks at airports.

Pilots have complained about being held up in airport security lines with travelers, and forced to go through screening.

TSA now says that pilots traveling i…

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Dem Senator Says She‘s ’Wildly Excited‘ to Skip TSA ’Love Pats’

While some are decrying the new, more invasive security pat-downs at airports as “groping” or even sexual assault, one U.S. Senator is putting a positive spin on the sensitive situation.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., defended the new procedures as necessary security measures and seemed to dismi…

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TSA Ejects Air Passenger For Refusing ‘Groin Check’

John Tyner fought the law, and the law won.

He was scheduled to fly from San Diego’s Lindbergh Field to South Dakota for a hunting trip with his father-in-law on Saturday, but he says he drew a clear line between security and privacy when he refused to submit himself to a”standard pat-down“ and …

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