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Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover for #doglovers and #catlovers

Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover for #dogloversGrowing up we always had Poodles, and later I in life I got a Lhasa Apso, all of them would get tear stains because of their beautiful white fur coats. We were not lucky enough to have a 100% Organic Tear Stain Remover For Dogs available to us! I can't wait to send a bottle to my Grandma Murphy fo…

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Cats and Dogs Recommend IntelliFlora

 My One Cat and Two Dogs Recommend IntelliFlora

All of the furry friends in our home are rescues. That means that along with their cuteness and unconditional love they all came with their own special set of health issues.

 photo b8736fd4-ec4f-402a-b57e-d6c97fa2dbbf.jpgIt started with our cat, Miss Princess BurnOut, who followed my sweetheart …

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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 2x01 Plum Island - Human Animal Experimentation

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura began its second season on Friday night with a subject that will make even the bravest person a little nervous.

Ventura and his team of investigators took on the task of seeing whether or not Plum Island - a biological testing facility off of the New York co…

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