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Metabolic and Digestive Functions Linked to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #ActivLifeProbiotic

Metabolic and Digestive Functions Linked to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #ActivLifeProbioticMultiple sclerosis (MS) is an electrical disorder, or rather one of impaired myelin, a fatty, insulating substance that better allows electric current to bolt down our neurons and release the neurotransmitters that help run our bodies and brains. Researchers have speculated for some time that th…

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Children and Grief

Children Teaching Children about Grief
A Professor Child Production

Professor Child ReviewSometimes you have a bad day and other times you have a catastrophic year! In a span of six months my children lost their great-grandfather, their grandfather, the family dog, and their grandma’s cat. My kids were suffering, as wel…

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Sliceā„¢ Safety Cutter - Great for Couponers


The Slice™ Safety Cutter is the most versatile tool you'll ever own. The Slice™ Safety Cutter features a finger-friendly microscopic ceramic blade that's quick, easy and a safe substitute for scissors. Perfect for scrap-booking, clipping recipes, coupons and news articles, removing shrink-wra…

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WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD (Exp 11/30)

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVDExpires: 11/30/2011

WIN a FREE Steps4Kids to Multiply DVD
Numbers 0 through 12
Educational DVD

In today's world more and more parents are choosing to home-school their children. The demand for good homeschool curriculum is higher now then ever before. I have done the home-school route, sent the kids …

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Teenager Claims She Was Raped at the Occupy Cleveland Protest #OWS

Occupy Ohio RapeThere’s some potentially tragic drama unfolding at “Occupy Cleveland,” as police are investigating a 19-year-old woman’s claim that she was raped inside of a tent on Saturday.

The teenager at the center of the scandal attends Summit Academy in Parma, Ohio — a school for young people who hav…

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Win a FREE Sniffle Buddies Wristband

autism, autistic, special needs children, working with special needs children, teaching special needs children, toys for special needs children, special needs, runny nose remedy, runny nose treatment, stuffy nose remedy, running nose treatment, stop runny nose, nasal drip, nasal treatment, nasal drip remedies, stuffy nose, runny noses, natural allergy relief, how to stop runny nose, homeschooling special needs children, adhd, disabilities, multiple sclerosis, aspergers, special education, down syndrome, asperger, special need, learning disability, learning disabilitiesMy Grandson will be two years old this April and he loves his Sniffle Buddies wristband! He can wear it right on top his heavy coat when he is headed out for a long trip on the bus or on his bear wrist when he is playing in the indoor play center. He is always the envy of all the other little tykes…

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Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album by Board Book Albums, LLC.

Take Your Pix Board Book Photo Album by Board Book Albums, LLC.Many of you who are long time readers of my blog know that I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that I have at some point in the past homeschooled both my children who have varying degrees of special needs. The oldest, now going into college, has mental health challenges while the youngest, in 4th gr…

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Mercury May Be What Is Killing Us All

If it wasn't evident before I think it has become crystal clear now that trust is not something we can hold dear when it comes to our government. Let's take a minute to let that sink in. Did you pause? Trust is important. Any relationship counselor will tell you that you are doomed to failure withou…

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Dental Fillings and Mercury? Vaccines and Mercury? Autism and Mercury?

I went to the dentist this week and had some work done. I don't remember anyone asking me if it was okay if they put any mercury in my mouth. I am one of those people that avoids vaccines, won't drink tap water, and only eats free range fish so why would I agree to put Mercury in my teeth? I wouldn'…

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Study turns up 10 autism clusters in California

U.S. researchers have identified 10 locations in California that have double the rates of autism found in surrounding areas, and these clusters were located in neighborhoods with high concentrations of white, highly educated parents.

Researchers at the University of California Davis had hoped to u…

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