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Scrum QuickStart Guide: A Simplified Beginner's Guide To Mastering #scrum

Scrum QuickStart Guide: A Simplified Beginners Guide To Mastering #scrumScrum QuickStart Guide:
A Simplified Beginner's Guide To Mastering Scrum

You are not going to find a more comprehensive guide on Scrum then the Scrum QuickStart Guide: A Simplified Beginner's Guide To Mastering Scrum by Ed Stark. I enjoyed listening to the audible version, however; going forwa…

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Beginner to the Business World #leanbusinessmodel

Lean - Free Audiobook via Audible Lean QuickStart Guide (audiobook) provides listeners with a comprehensive overview. It takes the time to breakdown what could easily be a very confusing and complex concept into a simple to follow guide that even the most in-experienced novice can follow. The guide has leading steps that anyone …

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Agile Management - Free Audiobook via Audible #agileprojectmanagement

A Great Step-byStep Guide #agileprojectmanagementThis Audiobook has the tools needed for every Project Manager to be successful. The book defines the manner by which the fundamentals of project management are presented. The approach is very organized, yet never robotic. This is a great step-by-step guide!

Agile Project Management is a real…

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Did you have a #sticker collection as a kid? #StickerYou

Home Make+Print from StickerYou As a kid I used to have a sticker collection. Most of my stickers were Lisa Frank Stickers, and other girly things, but I always wanted to make my own stickers. I don't collect stickers anymore, but I still use them. I don't  have any use for those cute kid stickers but my business needs bumper…

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Budget Hero - Balance the Federal Budget and Save America!

Budget HeroBudget Hero

Budget Hero is an engaging and journalistically sound game that encourages players to think through the complexities and challenges of the federal budget. It frames the policy debate as a set of federal budget choices determining how money will be raised and spent. Budget Hero forc…

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