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Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-Day

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts
for this Thursday is Fry-Day

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-DayIt’s almost the weekend and that means it can be really easy to “Fry” what is left of your brain cells! That is why, with a little help from my Futurama friend Mr. Peppy, we have scoured the web to bring you some Links that we LoVe

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Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly Debate 8/11p ET Tonight

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In the world of politics-driven media, no two figures are as polarizing and across the aisle as The Daily Show host Jon Stewart and Fox News figurehead Bill O’Reilly. With a staunch conservative viewership and viewpoints that directly support the ideals of the political right, O’R…

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Comedy Central Won't Renew Jeff Dunham Show

Comedy Central won't be renewing "The Jeff Dunham Show" for a second season.

The show, featuring comedian Jeff Dunham and his repertoire of puppets, attracted plenty of attention, both positive and negative. Its debut drew 5.3 million viewers, a season premiere record for Comedy Central. But …

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