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The Occupy Bank Run - You Decide About the Occupy Wall Street Occupy the World Revolution

Occupy Wall Street Days of RageYou Decide About the Stop the Machine Create a New World October2011 Revolution  
Occupy Wall Street Organizing Nationwide Boycott Against Banks
[ The Occupy Bank Run ]

In an effort to send a message to big banks, some protestors, who seem to be associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, have o…

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Free School Loans and Mortgages, but Who is Paying? #HR365 #HRES365

School Loan ForgivnessFree School Loans and Mortgages, but Who is Paying?

Desperate times call for desperate strategies and all hands on deck to prevent untold societal despair. The trickle-down rationale for the $700 billion federal bailout package (every penny provided for by the American taxpayer) was a long shot with…

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Can Obama Ignore Congress if they Refuse to Raise the Debt Ceiling? Yes!

Obama brushed off question about whether the debt limit is constitutional at Wednesday press conference As both major parties debate their conditions for raising the nation's debt ceiling, some Senate Democrats and constitutional scholars are questioning whether the limit is constitutional in the first place.

Delaware Sen. Chris Coons told The Huffington Post this week that he's part of a group of…

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Al Franken Questions AT&T and T-Mobile Merger

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After hearing testimony from representatives of wireless communications giants AT&T and T-Mobile regarding their pending merger, Franken expr…

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Gates Speaks Out: DADT Must be Decided by Congress, Not Courts

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Wednesday that abruptly ending the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy as a federal judge has ordered would have enormous consequences.

A day after a judge in California ordered the Pentagon to cease enforcement of its policy bar…

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