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SPANK IT! with The Canker Spanker - Product Review #CankerSores #ColdSores


The Canker SpankerHave a Canker or Cold Sore?  
The Canker Spanker

If you have ever had a Canker Sore / Cold Sore you know that they are not just painful and uncomfortable, they can be extremely embarrassing. No one wants to leave the house when they have one of these social taboos pulsating around th…

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Have a Happy Halloween with Smiley Face Cookies


Halloween Cookies

Halloween CookiesGet in the spirit, cast a culinary spell, and get your ghouls goblin when your order a dozen of these demonically good, just for Halloween, Jack O Lantern Smiley Cookies! Made fresh daily with the same artistry and pure ingredients as the original Smiley Face Cookies, the Halloween Sugar Cookies…

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Surf Showstopper Wristbag

 beach, surf, hand bags, handbags, roxy, wallet, purse,  handbag, purses, wallets, designer clothes, designer handbag,leather bag,designer handbags, handbags designer, beach body, leather bags, bags leather, wholesale handbag, cheap bags, wholesale handbags, ocean, handbags wholesale, wholesale bags, designer bags, bags designer, leather handbags, handbags leather, cheap handbagsThe beach has to be one of the most difficult places to find a suitable bag for. A bigger issue on the coast but even inland we get the same issue when visiting the lake or river. Whether you're a guy or girl, no swimsuit offers enough secure pockets to bring along your valuables. I know it seems a…

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Dapper Snappers Review and Giveaway

Dapper Snappers Review and GiveawayIf you are a frustrated mom that tries hard to get your kids looking nice only to watch as their cute little outfits sag down to their knees, Dapper Snappers has an answer! Let me explain a little about what they are and then about how well they really work.

Dapper Snappers Review and GiveawayThe Dapper Snappers are a kids belt that …

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