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If Credit Were Fashion, 666 Would Be The New Black!

666The New Credit Score Rules

The average credit score nationwide is 666, according to That's not only an ominous number, but can be a costly one.

Based on's data, the trend amongst lenders shows that a 660 credit score is the threshold to be approved for a mortgage, aut…

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Pelosi: ‘We Haven’t Really Gotten the Credit for What We Have Done’

In an interview with Politics Daily posted Monday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claims that Democrats “haven’t really gotten the credit for what we have done,“ adding that the negative attention surrounding her proves she has been ”effective” and suggesting that voter discontent is simply d…

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Best Way to Buy/Sell/Trade Video Games

It's been sitting under the tree for a week. Shaped like a DVD case and wrapped in the finest paper the 99-cent section at Target has to offer, this seemingly innocuous gift has been mercilessly taunting you since it first appeared next to the fish tie you bought dad for the third year running. You …

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