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Ron Paul Visits The Daily Show!

Ron Paul Jon Stewart The Daily ShowRon Paul Visits The Daily Show!

Presidential contender and Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) met up with Jon Stewart on Monday night to highlight his libertarian views, to speak out against the media for ignoring him and to convince “Daily Show” viewers that he’s a viable 2012 candidate.

Paul, who is…

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What to do when Stopped by Police (End the Drug War)

cards, cops, sensible drug policy, your rights, Activism, Civil Liberties, Police, Police StateWe’ve been told from a young age that the police are there to protect us, and we should do what they say. But should we? It’s easy to be intimidated by cops, they want you to be intimidated by them, it makes it easier for them to do their job. However, too many people upon seeing police come up …

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President Barack Obama Talks to U.S. Coast Guard Cadets

barack obama, drug war, war drugs, Obama Crack Cocaine, obama gay, american drug wars, american drug war, americandrugwar, obama drug, Coast Guard Speech, obama drugs, Obama Marijuana, obama on drugs, obama and drugs, last white hope, the last white hope, the american drug war, Obama Coast Guard Speech, american drug war last white hope, american drug war the last white hope, bush drugs, Obama Speech, barack obama drugs, obama drug policy, obama coast guard, obama did drugs, barack obama drug use, did obama do drugs, american drug war documentary, american drug war movie, watch america drug war, did barack obama do drugs, american drug war the last white hope full movie, coast guard drug war obamaPresident Barack Obama told U.S. Coast Guard graduates Wednesday to prepare for years filled with vital but dangerous tasks, tempering congratulations and praise with words of caution about a world full of threats.

Speaking at the academy's graduation ceremony in New London, Conn., Obama told the 229…

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