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Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast #inksmith

Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast #inksmithMy favorite genre to watch, read, or talk about is post-apocalyptic, so; when I found Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast, a postapocalyptic (armageddon) world ruled by demons, I became obsessed!

  • - The book is extremely detailed, but action packed, so you will not get bored!
  • - The characters …

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Vengeance by AJ Scudiere #TheSinTrilogy

Vengeance by AJ Scudiere #TheSinTrilogyThere are a million ways to die... Some are just more fun than others.

Claymore Beller tried to do the right thing. It was the last thing he did. In retaliation for his efforts, his mafia bosses laid waste to his family. Only the youngest–Cynthia–came up fighting.

Three years ago, Lee …

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Art Above All Else #becominglisette

Art Above All Else #becominglisetteRebecca Glenn’s first installation from The Queen’s Painter series, Becoming Lisette, is independent and beautiful just like Lisette's art itself. Skillfully intertwining historical fact and fiction this book is an intriguing window into the art world during the18th Century, Paris.

The co…

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WIN a FREE copy of The Abduction of Nelly Don by Patrice Williams Marks

Contest Ends: 08/01/2015
The Abduction of Nelly Don
(Based on a True Story)
by Patrice Williams Marks

#TheAbductionofNellyDonLet me start this review by revealing a few things about myself; I received this ebook at no charge in return for my honest review, I abhor time pieces, and I have lived…

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Sugar Baby by Aaron Powell - Book Tour

Welcome to DJ6ual's entry into the Bewitching Book Tours for Aaron Powell's Sugar Baby... Please be sure to click the banner above to learn more about the author through giveaways, interviews, and more!

!!!WARNING!!!: The content of this interview, book/ebook, and blog entry is not suitable for c…

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Win a FREE Book - Happy Beginnings How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother (Exp 4/28)

WIN a FREE Autographed copy of the book…
 Happy Beginnings: How I Became
My Own Fairy Godmother

Lorena Bathey photo Happy Beginnings PaperbackOne day I woke up and realized I had been in a bubble for fourteen years. In less than a day my whole world fell apart. I didn’t have a white picket fence, but by all accounts I had the "perfect" rel…

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Put the Seat Down!


Put the Seat DownWhoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.  
--Proverbs 18:22  

This is a book for men who are about to get married (or are newly married) who want to make their first years great. When I learned about Put the Seat Down I had to get a copy for my brother. My bro…

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