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What Can You Do to Prepare for What is Coming?

Emergency Disaster PreparedWhat Can You Do to Prepare for What is Coming?  
[List in Raw Form]  

The time has arrived. If you are not ready, you had better get ready, or you are going to be in trouble. The world is changing and things are moving in a very dark direction. Please use this list to get you started. Prepare for y…

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Teenager Shoots LAPD Chopper, Forcing it to Make ‘Crippled’ Landing

rifle, crippled, emergency, chopper, police department, helicopter, heavy fireAn LA police department helicopter took heavy fire from a disgruntled teenager Sunday. And when one of the bullets from the boy’s rifle connected, the chopper was forced to make an emergency, ‘crippled’ landing at a local airport:

VIDEO reports:

The pilot managed to la…

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Get FREE Food for Your Pantry!

efoodsglobal, e foods global, efoods global, myefoods, efoods, global, food, storage, food storage, long term, short term, food storage system, food insurance, emergency, emergency preparedness, non gmo, free food, free food storage, free long term food storageI've ordered FREE food reserves from eFoods Global and you can do the same. I found out about this offer as the result of someone’s act of kindness – someone who cared enough about me to share the value of having food reserves on hand.

Just click on this LINK and you can soon enjoy truly wonderf…

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