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Muscle Soak Bath Salts

San Francisco Bath Salts Company

100% Natural Muscle Soak Bath Salts by San Francisco Bath Salt Company

Made with pure Epsom Salt and eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, Muscle Soak Bath Salts will help to relieve even the most overworked muscles. Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I am always looking for ways to relieve my pai…

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Raw Gaia Giveaway #Freebies (Exp 10/28)

Raw GaiaExpires: 10/28/2011

Win Any Moisturiser, Face Pack or Body Butter of Your Choice!

Incredibly Good Skin Can Be Hard To Achieve, Which Is Why Raw Gaia has Come Up With A Range Of 100% Natural, Organic, Vegan, Ethical And Environmentally Friendly Skin Care Products That Allow You To Achieve the Perfec…

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WIN FREE Spongeables!

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Miessence Certified Organic Skin Essentials

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If you are a regular reader here, you have seen all the warnings I have issued related to GMO foods. Just like fluoride the chemicals in GMO liquids can leach through your skin and do not have to be eaten to be a hazard. This is why I am proud to review products offered…

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