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Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans

Warming OceansScientists: Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans

Warning: The warming of the world's oceans can cause serious illness and may cost millions of euros (dollars) in health care.

That is the alarm sounded in a paper released online Tuesday on the eve of a two-day conference in Brussels.

The 200-page paper…

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Germany Finds Dioxin in Pork and Poultry

A hen is pictured at a chicken farm in the western town of Wuppertal, Germany,German authorities said on Tuesday the highly toxic chemical dioxin had been discovered in pork in addition to poultry products, which would expand the scope of a current health alert.

German and European Union authorities are dealing with an alert that started on January 3 when German officials said…

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Ireland going for international bailout

Houses stand vacant in the Castlemoyne development in North Dublin, Ireland, Friday, Nov. 19, 2010. This … DUBLIN – Ireland on Sunday became the second European nation to ask for a multibillion euro rescue loan to help stabilize its debt-ridden banks and Europe's finance ministers scrambled to talk about ways to relieve the country's debt crisis.

Other eurozone countries and the European Central Bank ha…

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