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Would The House Online Anti-Piracy Bill Lead to Internet Censorship?


  • The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was introduced as a House bill (similar to the Protect IP Act introduced in the Senate earlier this year) to protect intellectual property from “rouge” websites; it’s especially at foreign websites.
  • The Bill is supported by groups like Hollywood and drug …

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The Huntsman 4-day Work Week Experiment

Utah Ends 4-day Work Week Experiment

Workweek ExperimentUtah’s experiment with a first-in-the-nation four-day workweek for state workers is over. Lawmakers scratched the experiment, saying it was not saving as much money as hoped and that residents were complaining about not having access to services on Fridays. The c…

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Has Google Privacy Invasion Gone Too Far?

Google+Has Google's Privacy Invasion Gone Too Far?

Did you try to use a fake name when creating your Google+ account?

It’s only normal; many people use pseudonyms on social media sites to protect some of their personal information. If you tried this, you know Google cracked down on the practice. But why do…

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Google and Twitter hook up to allow Egyptians to Tweet

Over the weekend, the new Googlers at SayNow teamed up up with Twitter to build a Voice-to-tweet solution which could help

Google purchased SayNow last week.  Instead of celebrating this weekend, the new Googlers (GOOG), with the help of their new colleagues and some folks at Twitter, put together…

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Can Your GMail Address Be Harvested If You Are Logged Into Google?

Right now you are reading a story on DJ6ual: An Irish Girl's Blog. I have no idea who you are and you probably like it that way. But what if had secret Managing Editor powers that allowed me to see your actual e-mail address whether you wanted me to or not?

You might consider that to be a “pre…

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Big buzz for iPhone's latest rival

It wasn't much of a secret, really, but the sleek, Android-powered Nexus One is finally here, and yes: you can buy it directly from Google, over the Web. As expected, the unlocked, no-contract Nexus One will cost you a pretty penny, but subsidized versions will also be available from T-Mobile and ..…

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Is Google unveiling an 'iPhone killer?'

Could it be the long-awaited "iPhone killer?"

Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET, Google will make some kind of announcement related to its Android smartphone operating system.

It's expected to be the launch of Google's Nexus One phone -- the company's first full-on leap into the smartphone fray and one that wil…

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How to Use a Google Feed Reader

A feed reader is a way to stay on top of the different websites and blogs you like to read by having updates from these websites sent to one location. Google has a feed reader known as Google Reader. It is especially popular with people who use Google's other products. One of the most convenient way…

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