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Track Your Weight Goals w the Silver Digital Memory Scale from #smartweigh

Track Your Weight Goals w the Silver Digital Memory Scale from #smartweighHaving an autoimmune disease, like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), can come with a weight challenge. Not only can MS keep you fatigued, thus preventing you from exercising, your list of medications can cause you to pack on the pounds!

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous syste…

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Get a Sound-a-Sleep Night Tonight w this Anti-Snore Combination #Sideathletics

Get a Sound-a-Sleep Night Tonight w this Anti-Snore Combination #SideathleticsCopperside Trading Stop Snoring Solution

I have snored all my life. I have been heavy and skinny, in dry weather and wet, and I've been to every doctor on both the west and east coast, but nothing has STOPPED THE SNORING!

I have a whole host of medical problems that add to the dilemma; m…

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PureNutria - Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil #purenutriaomega3


PureNutria - Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Like it or not (NOT, lol!) fat is an essential nutrient for the body (I just wish it could stay off my hips and tummy and go somewhere more productive!). While some fats are deemed “bad,” others, such as polyunsaturated fats, actually help lower cholesterol. These polyunsaturated fats (aka…

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Metabolic and Digestive Functions Linked to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #ActivLifeProbiotic

Metabolic and Digestive Functions Linked to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) #ActivLifeProbioticMultiple sclerosis (MS) is an electrical disorder, or rather one of impaired myelin, a fatty, insulating substance that better allows electric current to bolt down our neurons and release the neurotransmitters that help run our bodies and brains. Researchers have speculated for some time that th…

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What is for Dinner? #SpiralizerwithaTwist

Spiralizer with a TwistLosing weight is never easy, sometimes it's less about the pounds and more about learning how to "eat to live" as apposed to "living to eat"! Every little bit of help along the way is appreciated. Especially when you have an autoimmune disorder, like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), that loves to screw …

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FitWellYou #ResistanceBands Set

FitWellYou Resistance Band Set In addition to improving overall health, cardiovascular fitness, range of motion, and flexibility, exercise can help one increase energy, improve balance, manage spasticity, decrease muscle atrophy, and better perform activities of daily living.
- The National Center on Physical Activity …

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Using #Vitaminctoner to Prevent Aging in MS Patients

Vitamin C Toner Using Vitamin C Toner to Prevent Aging in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patients

With the variety of medications they put you on when you suffer from an auto-immune disorder it is no wonder your skin both breaks out like a teenager and ages like a great great granny! Who knew the answer was as simp…

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14 Day Detox Tea #fitbydezign

14 Day Detox Tea by Fit by DezignMy 14 Day Detox Tea by Fit by Dezign arrived in a beautiful well made package. I believe it might be made of mylar, which I love, because it makes it ready to go for long term food storage! It also included a welcome message that offered a discount on my next order, as well as a chance to become…

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Luxury Hair Loss and Dandruff #shampoo

Luxury Hair Loss and Dandruff ShampooRegenepure DR 8oz Anti-Hair Loss and Dandruff Shampoo

One of the biggest dermatological side effects I struggle with because of my auto-immune disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), is dandruff. I have tried every prescription product available and anything OTC that I could get my hands on!

I f…

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15 Day Weight Loss #cleanse and flush

15 Day Weight Loss #cleanse and flush This all natural 15-Day Cleanse is formulated to provide results in 12 to 24 hours. I'm not sure why, but having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) makes everything work a little differently on me, so it didn't really kick in till day three or four for me. My son on the other hand had results that seemed alm…

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High Speed #LimmJumpRope

Limm High Speed Jump RopeWhen I was in school we had jump-ropes available to play with at recess and lunch break. We would use them on our own, or to play as a group. I liked using multiple ropes with my friends to play skipping games like double dutch. It saddens me that schools no longer make bounce balls, skipping ro…

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How do you feel about #AthleticBlackSocks?

 Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I am always looking for product that will improve my overall health and make mt life easier. The design and reported benefits these socks keep my feet free of sores and getting a bad smell when having an exacerbation. Fuego Co. is a new company that combines both scientific research with attractive visual designs to create products that provide value to the customers. I LOVE being at the forefront of scientific break-thrus!Contest Ends: 08/15/2015

WIN a FREE pair of Fuego Co. black edition Athletic Socks

I am so excited to share with you that Fuego Co. is introducing a black edition of the Athletic Socks in its crew socks product line. These black athletic socks are both fashionable and cushioned for extra c…

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The Benefits Of Graviola Leaf Extract #betterlifenutri

Graviola Leaf ExtractIt seems like everyone has a quick fix remedy for whatever ails you these days. What makes one pill better then another? Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an auto-immune disease, I'm always looking for ways to improve my health without Big Pharma stepping in. Since the Graviola fruit has been used…

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Get A Grip #ChalkBlock

Get A Grip #ChalkBlockMy little buddy, Jorden, and I watch a lot of sporting events together. The Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Pgh Penguins are his favorites. We also watch a lot of hometown sports, like; high school wrestling, weight lifting, parkour, powerlifting, competition workouts, rock climbing, …

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Stop Counting Sheep #BetterSleep

Better Sleep Valeratonin Natural Relaxation Aid from Basic Vigor NutraceuticalsBetter Sleep with Valeratonin Relaxation Aid

Stress and mental problems can cause sleeping issues. No matter how hard you try you can't quiet down the voices in your head at the end of the day. DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE TURNING YOUR MIND OFF AT BEDTIME? Better Sleep with Valeratonin gently helps yo…

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Where Do the Missing Socks from the Dryer Go? #FuegoSocks

CONTEST ENDS: 08/15/2015

Athletic Crew Socks - Mens, Womens - No Falling Socks, No Blisters, No Stinky Feet!WIN a FREE pair of white Athletic Socks

Do you have a favorite pair of socks? I bet if you don't already, you will after you try #FuegoSocks!

I am one of those "barefoot girls", going without anything on my tootsies no mater what the weather or terrain. I've tri…

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Win a FREE Box of UndiePads - Exp 04-07

Win a FREE Box of UndiePads! ReviewThe Pretty, Practical and Pristine Solution to an Age-Old Problem. Protection you can count on!

The average woman owns approximately 21 pairs of underwear, approximately 10% of women own over 35 pairs! I wonder if that is because we are always worried that the dreade…

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Mirai Clinical presents… Less is More

Mirai Clinical presents… Less is More

Mirai Clinical - Less is More - photo bookcover_large.jpgLess is More
Japanese Secrets to Stop the Signs of Aging

Do you desire a long and healthy life? Who wouldn’t want a lifetime of beautiful skin? How would you like to lose weight without spending a dime on weight loss products?

Mirai Clinical has launched …

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Bee Venom Therapy

Bee Venom Therapy

For centuries, honey, bee pollen, and bee venom have been used to treat a number of ailments that vary between chronic pain to skin conditions. Apitherapy, or the medical use of honeybee products that range from royal jelly to bee venom, was used by the ancient Egyptians as a home…

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SPANK IT! with The Canker Spanker - Product Review #CankerSores #ColdSores


The Canker SpankerHave a Canker or Cold Sore?  
The Canker Spanker

If you have ever had a Canker Sore / Cold Sore you know that they are not just painful and uncomfortable, they can be extremely embarrassing. No one wants to leave the house when they have one of these social taboos pulsating around th…

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