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The World Put on Hold...

In the midst of of all the worlds chaos, I have a crisis of my own. I am sure my regular readers have noticed I have not been as active as usual. My daughter and best friend is in the hospital and may need surgery now. I am not at my computer as much as I would like to be in these historic and scary…

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Denise Richards says she helped Charlie Sheen at the hospital but refuses to say more

Denise Richards was a promotional good sport on Tuesday and didn't cancel interviews she had scheduled in New York to chat about her new role on Spike TV's "Blue Mountain State."

Of course, everyone, including CNN's Joy Behar, had other topics in mind, namely Richards' ex-husband, Charlie …

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Possible NWO Assassination Attempt - Charlie Sheen Taken to Hospital

Charlie SheenNo matter how far Charlie Sheen runs he never seems to be clear of the Illuminati Elite's plan to destroy his career and now possibly his life. Charlie Sheen has been a target ever since speaking out about his questions regarding 9/11 truth and his troubles escalated after numerous appearances on th…

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Senate Candidate Fiorina in Hospital for Infection

(AP) — California GOP Senate challenger Carly Fiorina is in the hospital to be treated for an infection associated with her reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.

Deborah Bowker, the campaign’s chief of staff, says in a statement issued Tuesday that Fiorina was admitt…

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